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3 Sites Anyone using KPIs should bookmark

Struggling to find the right KPIs? You are not alone. KPIs (key performance indicators) measure the effectiveness of a company’s strategies. Certain indicators may determine the performance of metrics such as a campaign’s profitability, the percentage of customers who are satisfied or changes in the marketplace. Having the right KPIs is critical to gain real value from your analytics. We often get the question.

Below are the top three KPI websites that we use and recommend to our customers to find KPIs for their industry. Our first choice contains thousands of KPIs contributed directly by some of the biggest brands in the world. We recommend that you bookmark this post for future reference and share with others.

 3. KPI Mega Library (8,000+ KPIs)


The KPI MegaLibrary provides a database that features more than 8,000 KPIs. Before designing your business intelligence report or dashboard, KPI MegaLibrary allows you to select KPIs by lines of business such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas and consumer goods.

While we were excited about the quantity of KPIs on this site, we found that the quality of other sites to be much better. The KPI names are listed free on the website, but to get the definitions of KPI, it seems you may have to buy their book (we have it on our list). For these reasons, KPI MegaLibrary stands at number three on our list.

2. Klip Folio (300+ KPIs)


KLlip Folio is software that provides a resource that boasts over 300 KPI examples. We particularly like this website because most of the KPIs come paired with extensive definitions, visualizations, key terms and success indicators. It host KPIs for top industries such as Sales, Supply Chain, Help Desk, Healthcare and much more.

Though KLip Folio may not have as many KPIs as some of the other sites, its quality is top notch. Like the other sites, this resources is free and should be bookmarked.

1. KPI Library (6,500 KPIs)


Our top pick, KPI Library was established in 2007 and provides access than 6,500 KPIs contributed by companies like IBM, Siemens, Delta, Capgemini and many more.  KPI Library allows you to browse hundreds of extensive sections and thousands of subcategories. Each metric is linked to specific tags, and most KPIs have received ratings from users making it easier to navigate.

KPI Library allows you to view tutorials that help you to evaluate business requirements and examine a competitor’s KPIs. The platform gives members the ability to post detailed questions, and business intelligence experts typically respond to each inquiry within 24 hours.

KPI Library has been our #1 resource for KPIs since 2007. Open your free account today.

Here are some free Resources:

We’d love to hear what websites you are using to find your top KPIs.


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