Anatomy of a Modern Dashboard

5 Proven Approaches to Succeed

Modern dashboards contain summarized and interactive visualizations, and when done correctly, should effectively communicate performance. This guiding principle hasn’t changed in the last 10 years as the popularity of dashboards and data visualization soared. However, the technology choices, features, and approaches have advanced. Mobility, cloud and data exploration technologies have helped expand the persons who can create and […]

Ep #13 Infographic: 3 Steps to Mapify Your KPIs

Ryan Goodman of CMaps Analytics blueprint for Location Analytics success

“Mapify your KPIs”, is a process to identify existing business problems and process where location, proximity, or distance matters. The result of this process are definitions for new leading indicators and supporting analytics that align to your performance management, Business Intelligence, and analytics strategy.

Ep #11 Infographic: 5 Big Data Myths Debunked

Andrew Brust of Datameer and ZDNet's Big Data Evangelist Sets the Record Straight

To set the record straight, we connected with Andrew Brust. He’s a 15-year Big Data veteran who not only is a Senior Director, at Datameer, but also a highly sought-after influencer and speaker on the topic of Big Data, as well as a blogger on ZDNet in his column ‘Big On Data’.

Ep #9 Infographic: Customer’s Reaction to BI Magic Quadrant Saga

Top Quotes from David Dadoun from Aldo Group

We reached out to our good friend David Dadoun at the Aldo Group to get a customer’s perspective on the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms . His experience and current use of multiple BI platforms gave us some deep insight and colorful feedback that you can’t miss.

Ep #8 Infographic: How to Embrace BI Disruption and Love It!

Discover the Keys to Change Management with Geof Corb from Johns Hopkins University

Geof manages two completely diverse groups of users and business cases that his team has to cater to – the university information systems and the health system. Listen in to discover some of the methods they used to deal with not only the disruption, but also with promoting user adoption.

Ep #7 Infographic: 10 Steps to Make your Big Data Investment Pay Off

Naveen Narra from TE Connectivity shares his tips for success

At TE Connectivity, Naveen Narra manages the Business Intelligence, architecture and big data solution teams for over 4,000 BI Users. Naveen and his team exemplifies “analytics success.” Their secret is a proven approach that focuses on building momentum with tactical wins. Here are 10 steps that he used to gain buy-in from executives to tackle more strategic big data opportunities using modern in-memory analytics tools like SAP HANA.

Ep #6 Infographic: 8 Tips to Revive your BI Competency Center with Wayne Eckerson

Creating a BICC is about managing people and reconciling conflicting forces. Enterprise vs departmental data, business needs vs enterprise IT needs, top down vs bottom up, efficiency vs effectiveness are key themes that require strong leadership, and a dedicated team. For organizations that can ride a wave of success to grow an effective BICC, the financial, operational, and organizational impact could be revolutionary for your organization!


Our first AOF podcast guest was author and data visualization expert Alberto Cairo. The nuggets of knowledge in his AOF podcast episode, How to Visualize your Data were amazing!

Now, Alberto’s new book “The Truthful Art,” is taking the world by storm, so Ryan Goodman is having Alberto Cairo back for his “Mapify your KPIs” webinar series to narrow the focus to Visual Storytelling with Maps.

Join us March 31 at 8am PDT / 11am PDT for a webinar: Visual Storytelling with Maps

Reserve your Spot

Check out Analytics on Fire Podcast Interview with Alberto Cairo



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Date: January 1, 1970
Time: 11:00-12:00 p.m.
Event: Visual Storytelling with Maps featuring Alberto Cairo
Sponsor: CMaps Analytics
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MARCH 3, 9am PST / 12pm EST

With guest presenter Neil Uebelein, nVIsion CEO

With millions or billions of assets, enterprises have the daunting task of funneling mountains of data into meaningful bytes of information for business stakeholders. Spatial analytics is the secret sauce nVision has been cooking up for years in its nContinuum tools, using a powerful blend of Alteryx, CMaps Analytics, and enterprise dashboard technologies.Capture


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Date: March 3, 2016
Time: 09:00-10:00 a.m
Event: Big Data Spatial Analytics and Geo-Dashboards
Topic: Big Data Spatial Analytics and Geo-Dashboards
Sponsor: CMaps Analytics
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Analytics Battlefront Moves to the Cloud

5 keys to cloud analytics success

In 2016, the battlefront for analytics supremacy moves to the cloud. Pure cloud players like and Amazon (AWS), are serious entrants into the cloud analytics business while enterprise mega-vendors like Microsoft, SAP and Oracle re-invent their BI businesses for the cloud. Forrester recently reported in its tech spending forecast 2016: “The amount of money […]

WEBINAR: 3 Steps to Mapify your KPIs

Strategic spatial analytics made simple

The demand for geospatial analytics is a byproduct of increasing volumes of spatial data we create. In 2016, more BI and analytics stakeholders will push for spatial analysis as a key requirement. Our co-creator of Analytics on Fire and maps guru will expand on one of our most popular 2015 articles, “3 Steps to Mapify your Big Data KPIs.” LIVE […]

3 Reasons Ugly BI Apps Get Rejected

Rules to get your next dashboard on the right track

An “Ugly BI App” is more than a bad color palette and poor composition. It is a negative visceral reaction that business users have to Business Intelligence. Many organizations have realized that even well-designed solutions fail to gain acceptance and adoption. The top 3 reasons why Ugly BI Apps get rejected: 1. The solution is […]

Three carrots in a row with the title of the blog in bold letters

Good, Bad, and Ugly Trends for Data Viz and BI

How your favorite BI solutions stack up in 2015

In 2015, most organizations are working to harness modern data visualization capabilities to bolster adoption and Business Intelligence. The sheer number of resources (books, articles, papers) for learning how to use visualization for data science, business analytics, and media are plentiful. How has data visualization changed in 2015? While the principles that guide data visualization […]

A panel of business judges showing three scores: one good, one bad and one very bad.

Why Maps are the Next Big Data Viz Trend

How Internet of Things is Igniting Location Analytics

Internet of Things is creating new opportunities to better understand  how customers, employees, and assets behave through device generated data. As consumers, we are participants in the “Internet of Everything” boom by using connected smartphones, cars, and home appliances. The data we generate every day is invaluable for enterprises that can effectively analyze and communicate the impact of IoT trends. […]

Colorful map image with title of the post

3 Simple Steps to Mapify your Big Data KPIs

Making location matter for Internet of Things

As your enterprise conforms to an “internet of things” world, your customers, employees, and seemingly unlimited connected devices are generating tons of location data. Machine and device generated data is a breeding ground for new big data opportunities, and over 80% of this data has a location attribute. Why Location Matters? Your customers and employees […]

Are Maps Useful Big Data Viz or the Next Pie Chart?

Critical 3 Point Checklist for Using Maps with BI

Maps and Location Intelligence will be a critical decision-making tools for your organization if they aren’t already. Maps are not like pie charts and gauges, but they are often treated as executive eye candy by Business Intelligence practitioners. It is well documented that data viz experts hate pie charts because they are ineffective communication tools. Exploring the following questions […]

My Data’s BIGGER than Yours

Data viz examples that make your Big Data problems seem small

Sizing up your big data problems to some of the largest companies in the world is a great way to put things in perspective. Big data analytics can require extremely sophisticated algorithms, but the success hinges on delivering actionable information to those who need it. The following examples exemplify big data visualization success because the result […]

5 Big Data Visualization Maps that will Make your Head Explode

Data Viz Approaches Built for Big Data

Not all data visualizations can be simplified to a speedometer or bar chart. Big data visualizations require more sophisticated visualization tools and more brainpower. Here are some big data visualizations examples that will blow your mind! 1. Topological Data Analysis  Many data sources do not always fit nicely into a linear regression during the statistical analysis so when […]

5 Tips to Choose the Best Big Data Viz Tool

How to pick a winning horse for your next-gen dashboards

Are you struggling to figure out what data visualization tool to choose for your next-generation data visualization project? Many business professionals will cling to Excel or legacy BI platforms, but happens when you need to access and visualize the results of millions, or billions of records? Here are a couple of tips that you can […]