Ep #10: What Does it take to Survive in the New BI World w/ Greg Davey of gdBI

Discover how one 25-year BI veteran was able to completely evolve his BI implementation approach

Many of you have probably have seen or heard these eight most dangerous words  in business: “Because we have always done it that way.” In order to survive in today’s competitive environment, we must always be open to new ideas, and today’s guest did just that.

This week on the Analytics on Fire, we’re featuring another exciting interview this time with Greg Davey, a veteran Business Intelligence consultant and the owner and Managing Director of gdBI.  In the SAP world, Greg is an authority, successful trainer, and developer of Business Intelligence applications.

A few years ago, Greg was concerned about the dashboards and reports being developed… his own and those of his students.  Too often, dashboards were not meeting business goals, not solving business problems, not being adopted and therefore a waste of time and money. “But we just develop them!” Greg wanted to get upstream into the dashboard and reporting requirements process… but not create a 50-page requirement document that didn’t have a single visualization. He wanted more.

Enter the BI Dashboard Formula methodology.  Greg jumped on board.

Greg now takes organizations through the BI Dashboard Formula methodology from dashboard business goals to scoping to storyboarding to dashboard design while making sure dashboards truly meet intended business goals and resolve specific business problems. Greg’s true passion is to make data sing and make a difference for his clients and allow dashboard and report consumers to make smarter decisions and get on with their purpose instead of chasing data.

Don’t miss this unique interview and this incredible opportunity to find out how after 25 years in BI field, Greg was completely open to rethinking his BI implementation approach and create a highly-successful dashboard for the government of South Australia.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Greg’s extensive experience and background in BI space. (5:20)
  • How Greg was willing to change his mindset to achieve BI Success.
  • The step-by-step methods he used to make his BI Dashboard project successful. (11:38)
  • How he took his customer from classic reports to powerful BI Dashboards.
  • How to overcome the challenges of getting executive buy-in. (16:10)
  • How one change to his requirements-gathering workshop changed everything.
  • Why Word docs are no longer the right documentation tool.
  • What BI consultants need to embrace the new BI world.
  • Why empathy is a key factor to success.

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  • AndrewMackay

    Absolutely amazing “super duper awesome” podcast and mirrors my experience with clients and the BI Dashboard formula.

  • AndrewMackay

    Apologies I dont use iTunes and it does not seem to have a web interface where I can provide a rating?!

  • Mico Yuk

    Thanks for trying Andrew.

  • Mico Yuk

    Thanks Andrew, glad you enjoyed it. Sent an email for you guys to meet. 🙂