Ep #5: How to Build a Successful BI COE: Lessons from CISCO’s Data Visualization Community Leaders

Learn how to use enterprise social media tools to support your BI Center of Excellence

Today, we’re excited to welcome the dynamic duo from Cisco, Kevin Taylor and Gregory Lewandowski, to discuss the topic of data visualization communities. Kevin spent 15 years working with business intelligence and now specializes in most of the major Enterprise BI tools and packages. Gregory has worked for Cisco for 15 years, and he is […]

EP #4: Why BI Teams Must Learn to Love Excel to Survive with Mayank Misra of Pfizer

Discover why using business activation philosophy is more important than user adoption

Today’s guest is near and dear to my heart. He was my manager at Pfizer during my old Business Objects consulting days. Mayank Misra was the former Head of the Global Business Intelligence Strategy and the Center of Excellence for Pfizer. Pfizer is a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company commonly known as the maker of Viagra. On […]

Why BI team must learn to love Excel

The Ultimate KPI Guide: Access 25,000 KPIs across 350 industries

3 Sites Anyone using KPIs should bookmark

Struggling to find the right KPIs? You are not alone. KPIs (key performance indicators) measure the effectiveness of a company’s strategies. Certain indicators may determine the performance of metrics such as a campaign’s profitability, the percentage of customers who are satisfied or changes in the marketplace. Having the right KPIs is critical to gain real value from […]

EP #3: How to go from zero to 4 dashboards in 5 months with Matty Grygorcewicz of SA PowerNetworks

Learn the secrets to become a BI rock star and speaker!

On this episode of Analytics on Fire, we’re excited to be talking to one of our top students from our BI Dashboard Formula training program. Matthew (Matty) Grygorcewicz is a Senior Business Intelligence (BI) professional with 15+ years’ IT experience. He has worked for a number of large global companies. He is currently a Senior Business […]

Join Mico Yuk for her half-day pre-conference session: “Visual Storytelling: How to Tell a “Compelling” Data Story That Matters to Your Users” on May 2nd!



This non-technical, hands-on session will provide the foundation necessary to make your data visualizations more intelligent, actionable, and useful! Whether you are a beginner or a data visualization veteran, this session will guide you on telling more compelling stories with your data, from storyboarding fundamentals to more advanced techniques such as how to add smart context and visual cues. Attendees will learn:

• how to create a simple four-part visual storyboard on paper in minutes, not weeks
• why visual storytelling is more effective than traditional reporting
• the one element 98% of data visualizations are missing and how it is negatively affecting user adoption

Format: Half-Day Classroom (Afternoon)

Use this special discount code to receive $100 off registration: BAMICOYUK

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Date: May 2, 2016
Event: Mico Yuk to present at PASS Business Analytics Conference (BAC) on May 2nd!
Topic: Visual Storytelling: How to Tell a “Compelling” Data Story That Matters to Your Users
Public: Public

Ep #2: How to Sell Your BI Solution to the Business with Ross Wilson of McKesson

Learn the mindset of a Fortune 20 company Exec and his team who turned BI failure into success

Are you struggling to win over the business with your BI solution? You’re at the right place! Our special guest today is BI leader and veteran expert Ross Wilson. Ross has been working with SAP for about 20 years and started with BI back in 2001. Over the course of his career, he has worked […]


MARCH 3, 9am PST / 12pm EST

With guest presenter Neil Uebelein, nVIsion CEO

With millions or billions of assets, enterprises have the daunting task of funneling mountains of data into meaningful bytes of information for business stakeholders. Spatial analytics is the secret sauce nVision has been cooking up for years in its nContinuum tools, using a powerful blend of Alteryx, CMaps Analytics, and enterprise dashboard technologies.Capture


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Date: March 3, 2016
Time: 09:00-10:00 a.m
Event: Big Data Spatial Analytics and Geo-Dashboards
Topic: Big Data Spatial Analytics and Geo-Dashboards
Sponsor: CMaps Analytics
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Analytics Battlefront Moves to the Cloud

5 keys to cloud analytics success

In 2016, the battlefront for analytics supremacy moves to the cloud. Pure cloud players like Salesforce.com and Amazon (AWS), are serious entrants into the cloud analytics business while enterprise mega-vendors like Microsoft, SAP and Oracle re-invent their BI businesses for the cloud. Forrester recently reported in its tech spending forecast 2016: “The amount of money […]

Ep #1: The Truthful and Functional Art – How to Visualize your Data with Alberto Cairo

Learn Alberto's secrets to help you think more visually

On our very first Analytics on Fire interview, we’re excited to be speaking to one of the top experts in the data visualization field, Alberto Cairo. Alberto is the Knight Chair at the University of Miami and the author of one of the most impactful books to date in the data visualization field, The Functional […]

We’re excited to announce the BI Brainz team will be exhibiting at the SAPinsider #BI2016 #HANA2016 Conference in Las Vegas on February 16-19, 2016.

Be sure to visit us at booth# 840 for live Cloud for Analytics demos and your chance to win a free copy of Mico Yuk’s ‘Data Visualization for Dummies’ book.

Read the full press release here: http://bit.ly/1oupwhi


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Date: February 16, 2016—February 19, 2016
Event: SAPinsider #BI2016 and #HANA2016 Conference in Las Vegas
Venue: Wynn Las Vegas
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Ep #00: Welcome to Analytics on Fire Podcast

Meet your co-hosts and find out what's they have planned for you!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Analytics on Fire podcast, the only show that interviews real customers and leaders from companies like Royal Dutch Shell, Kimberly-Clark, Ericsson, Nestlé, Pfizer, and Cisco. This show will bring you some of the best stories from the analytics and business intelligence world to motivate and inspire you along your analytics […]

What to Expect from Analytics on Fire in 2016

Time to change the Enterprise Analytics game

Happy New Year analytics tweeps! As we wrap up the first month of 2016, we know many of our loyal fans from our (previous) Everything Xcelsius community have been waiting for us to set the BI/Analytics space on fire again. Talk about pressure. Below is our ‘mission statement’ for the AoF (Analytics on Fire) community. […]

Top 5 Things that made 2015 Awesome (AoF Edition)

Out with the old, in with the new

As I write this blog two weeks into the new year, I continue to wonder where 2015 went. Though we had to push a few significant announcements to 2016, below are five things that happened in 2015 that made it awesome! 1. We killed EverythingXcelsius.com… and moved on! Well technically the site is still up, […]

Top 5 Things that Made 2015 Awesome

WEBINAR: 3 Steps to Mapify your KPIs

Strategic spatial analytics made simple

The demand for geospatial analytics is a byproduct of increasing volumes of spatial data we create. In 2016, more BI and analytics stakeholders will push for spatial analysis as a key requirement. Our co-creator of Analytics on Fire and maps guru will expand on one of our most popular 2015 articles, “3 Steps to Mapify your Big Data KPIs.” LIVE […]

We are happy to announce the BI Brainz team will be exhibiting at the Reporting and Analytics 2015 Interactive conference in Las Vegas next week as Mico delivers the following three sessions:

Pre-conference Workshop: Visual storyboarding – How to make your data visualizations more intelligent, actionable, and useful: http://bit.ly/1OFg9Gg
Date: Monday, November 16, 2015
Time: 9am to 4pm
Location: Montego B

Session #1: Learn the art of gathering effective BI requirements for dashboards: http://bit.ly/1M1TVrp
Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Time: 3:15pm to 4:30pm
Location: St. Thomas B

Session #2: Learn how to cut the dashboard design phase in half: http://bit.ly/1jQSSUB
Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Time: 10:30am to 11:45am
Location: Montego A

Reporting 2015

Visit us at Booth #300 for live Design Studio and Xcelsius dashboard demos and Dataviz for Dummies book giveaways.


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Date: November 17, 2015—November 19, 2015
Event: Reporting and Analytics 2015 Interactive
Venue: Mirage Hotel
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

3 Reasons Ugly BI Apps Get Rejected

Rules to get your next dashboard on the right track

An “Ugly BI App” is more than a bad color palette and poor composition. It is a negative visceral reaction that business users have to Business Intelligence. Many organizations have realized that even well-designed solutions fail to gain acceptance and adoption. The top 3 reasons why Ugly BI Apps get rejected: 1. The solution is […]

Three carrots in a row with the title of the blog in bold letters

Good, Bad, and Ugly Trends for Data Viz and BI

How your favorite BI solutions stack up in 2015

In 2015, most organizations are working to harness modern data visualization capabilities to bolster adoption and Business Intelligence. The sheer number of resources (books, articles, papers) for learning how to use visualization for data science, business analytics, and media are plentiful. How has data visualization changed in 2015? While the principles that guide data visualization […]

A panel of business judges showing three scores: one good, one bad and one very bad.

Is the SAP #DataGenius Webinar Series worth attending?

In-depth analysis of the who and what to help you make an informed decision

SAP’s recent move to bring some of the best minds in the data visualization industry to teach via a series of webinars is brilliant, but without proper execution can pose some challenges. First the good, and then we’ll address three issues with their approach. Disclaimer: Though we are closely associated with the SAP Analytics team, […]

man listening intently, and the blog title

Top 10 Big Data Visualization Experts to Follow on Twitter

No one becomes a dataviz guru without help and insight from top industry experts. Following data visualization professionals on twitter is a great way to develop your understanding of big data and analytics. We’ve compiled a list of ten amazing industry experts that all have something important to say about big data and data visualization online. As […]

Top 3 Mistakes People Make when Visualizing Data

It's not what you see, but what it is

Henry David Thoreau isn’t known for visualizing big data. But he could have been. The 19th-century American transcendentalist, author, poet, philosopher, and naturalist understood what it takes to uncover a data story. He understood what most dorky data scientists, savvy IT strategists, and almighty analysts don’t get today – when he said; Capacity for clarity […]

Why Maps are the Next Big Data Viz Trend

How Internet of Things is Igniting Location Analytics

Internet of Things is creating new opportunities to better understand  how customers, employees, and assets behave through device generated data. As consumers, we are participants in the “Internet of Everything” boom by using connected smartphones, cars, and home appliances. The data we generate every day is invaluable for enterprises that can effectively analyze and communicate the impact of IoT trends. […]

Colorful map image with title of the post

How to Identify and Eliminate useless KPIs by following these five Simple Steps

Tired of actionless KPIs? Here is your answer.

KPI overload. Most enterprises suffer from it, but very few know how to overcome it. While some BI analysts recommend that a single report or dashboard should have no more than fourteen KPIs, most managers struggle to keep their KPI count below fifty. It’s no wonder that business intelligence projects are often perceived as having […]

Mico Yuk is excited to be presenting a Free, Exclusive TDWI sponsored workshop on ‘Five Steps to Make your KPIs Actionable’ in Los Angeles on Sept 2nd. Hope you can join us! RSVP required.

sep2nd event final 2


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Date: September 2, 2015
Time: 01:00 - 05:00 pm
Event: Exclusive TDWI Los Angeles Chapter Event (free)
Topic: Learn 5 Easy Steps to make any KPI more 'Actionable'
Sponsor: TDWI, SAP, Tableau, Dell, Claraview, Cloudera, Microstrategy
Venue: SLS Hotel
Location: 465 La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Public: Private
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

3 Simple Steps to Mapify your Big Data KPIs

Making location matter for Internet of Things

As your enterprise conforms to an “internet of things” world, your customers, employees, and seemingly unlimited connected devices are generating tons of location data. Machine and device generated data is a breeding ground for new big data opportunities, and over 80% of this data has a location attribute. Why Location Matters? Your customers and employees […]

Survey: Help shape the future of Business Intelligence

You could be the winner of an Apple Watch!

How would you like to be apart of Business Intelligence history? And automatically entered into a drawing to win an Apple watch? Complete this quick survey by our friends at Xoomworks and help shape the future of Business Intelligence. We want to know some of  your current issues and biggest challenges moving forward. Once you […]

IT’S COMING! Be the first to hear our new Analytics on Fire Podcast

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August 2015 we are really excited to be releasing episode 1 of our long awaited Analytics on Fire podcast.  Mico Yuk and Ryan Goodman have spent the last year interviewing the top Business Intelligence and Data visualization experts from companies like Shell, Kimberly Clark, Pfizer, Mckesson, Cisco and John Hopkins University. Now we present them to […]

Are Maps Useful Big Data Viz or the Next Pie Chart?

Critical 3 Point Checklist for Using Maps with BI

Maps and Location Intelligence will be a critical decision-making tools for your organization if they aren’t already. Maps are not like pie charts and gauges, but they are often treated as executive eye candy by Business Intelligence practitioners. It is well documented that data viz experts hate pie charts because they are ineffective communication tools. Exploring the following questions […]

Top 5 WebSites to Bookmark To Be a Better Big Data Visualization Expert

Visualizing Big Data doesn't have to be hard, these sites can help

It’s no secret that all across the web, people are generating billions of gigabytes of data per day. This huge amount of information termed “Big Data,” is impossible to keep track of without first organizing it into an easily digestible format. Turning Big Data into Understandable Visuals Data visualization can help you to pare down […]

My Data’s BIGGER than Yours

Data viz examples that make your Big Data problems seem small

Sizing up your big data problems to some of the largest companies in the world is a great way to put things in perspective. Big data analytics can require extremely sophisticated algorithms, but the success hinges on delivering actionable information to those who need it. The following examples exemplify big data visualization success because the result […]