The BI Dashboard Formula is a tested and proven (platform agnostic) online course that will show you exactly how to:

  • Work with your users to develop 'ACTIONABLE and INTELLIGENT' KPIs that delivers key business insights
  • Create amazing dashboards that WOW your users and significantly increase user adoption
  • Stand out from the crowd and become a BI rockstar


Mico Yuk

Founder, Author, Global Keynote Speaker, Creator of Analytics on Fire Podcast

Hi, I’m Mico, founder of the BI Brainz Academy. 


You are one step closer to making your BI project a success! 

I was once in your shoes. 

As a BI consultant, I saw many large BI projects fail, including my own. The ‘reported’ cause was always technology. 

For almost a year I suffered through endless scoping meetings where the users were not ready or aligned. 

Expectations were never set or met. Requirements changed by the hour and by the time the project was delivered, often late, the business had already moved on. 

By late 2008 I was ready to leave the BI field, something had to change.

Then one night, while on the phone complaining to one of my mentors at MIT, he sent me a few books about human psychology and behavior. 

Halfway into the first book, a lightbulb 💡 went off! 

I realized that most BI projects were
failing for two main reasons...


Eight years, and 500+ enterprise BI projects later, the top mistake I saw, was a lack of process.

From requirement gathering, to design to the build, most BI folks were doing it ‘on the fly’ claiming that it was agile.

Worst, the users had no idea what to expect. 

The Result? A loss of user confidence in the delivery team and a search to find an alternative.  An exhausting and vicious cycle.


One thing I realized early is that users liked data, lots and lots of data.

It was fascinating to have decision makers convince me that their 30+ KPIs were tracked on regular basis by their team. 

The result? A data visualization that looked like a report with zero insight that served as an export data tool for the business!

let me help you avoid these mistakes!

I created a step-by-step course to teach you the same proven techniques used to build 500+ story driven dashboards by companies like Shell, Nestle and Coca Cola

Here’s what you get..

In the BI Dashboard Formula 4-week course

Proven methodology used by over 100 of the largest brands across the world to deliver actionable dashboards

Unlimited access to 40 videos, taught across 4 steps, 5 quizzes and 4 exercises

Access to our exclusive support group and seasonal weekly Live Q&As

Instant access to our BI Datshboard Formula Toolkit of templates, checklists, workbooks and much more

…and how you can apply it immediately

You have a BI project, but your not sure how to start. The last project was a failure and your users are ready for something different. Hundreds of companies worldwide are using our proven methods and toolkit to create compelling data stories and data visualizations that business users ❤ ❤          — let’s see how you can too.

You have NO process

No problem. Our proven methodology used by over 100 of the largest brands across the world to deliver actionable dashboards comes well equipped.

You ask the wrong questions

You’ll get a list of key questions to ask your users to make sure they ‘stick’ to the story. We’ll also teach you what ‘NOT’ to ask to avoid extensive tool and color discussions.

You're not a designer

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be. Our wireframe to dashboard templates were designed specifically for non-designers. No more fiddling with colors, follow the process and you’ll get the same amazing looking dashboards each time.

You're tired of building
useless reports

The next time a user asks for a another report we’ll teach you exactly what to do to determine if there is a story, and what to do if there is no story.

Your users are obsessed
with tools

Believe it or not, users only focus on tools because that is how they were trained to think by I.T. You’ll be surprised what happens when you change the discussion and focus on the true problems. We’ll show you how.

You've lost credibility
with the business

We can’t change the past, but we can change the future, future engagement that is. You wont go into another scoping meeting without a plan, process or something to show. Our storytelling toolkit has everything you need!

“Liked the practicality of the content.”

Workshop Attendee (S.Africa)

see what our past STUDENTs HAVE to say...

Through our online courses and in-person workshops we have trained over 2000+ people who are actively using our methodolodgy and getting results. See what some of them have to say.

“The Visual Storytelling workshop opened my eyes to the fact that as an Information Management Professional I was approaching the business the worst way possible.

This was an on time investment and it was well worth the spend. “

Kadeon Grant – Digicel, Jamaica

1) This has been one of the best classes ever. If you have the privilege of partaking in one of Mico Yuk’s sessions do it. I learned a ton.

2) I’ve sat through countless presentations and given quite a few as well and I took more away from yours today in both presentation style, room control and good impactful, actionable content then any I have before. That 8 hours flew by and it was a stark contrast to the other 8 hour sessions I have had. I really appreciate it and am thankful to have been a part of that class. Thanks so much. I think you are awesome.

Ryan Deeds – The Crichton Group, USA

Thanx Mico for the enlightening workshop. Gave a very handy perspective on dashboard building and designing, especially in the world full of pretty but useless ones. Can’t wait to implement on some real life dashboards and bring the change to the users and power to the people. Huge 👍🏻👍🏻

Julie Raboy – BDO, Israel


Create actionable BI stories and dashboards that users love ❤ in No Time!

This new online course incorporates battle tested, real-world learnings from our experience training and working with thousands of practitioners in all types of organizations around the world.


that you can apply to your project immediately!


How to increase your chances of success by more than 60% (aka CYA)

Did you know that Gartner has stated over 70% of the BI projects in 2015 will be deemed as failure? So there is literally a 7 out 10 chance that your project will be a huge waste of time and money!

The fact is that most BI project failures can be avoided, because most of them fail for the exact same reasons. That is why we created the BIDF prep template.

In this step you will learn why using this simple template before allocating resources, budget or even scoping your project, could mean the difference between the success and failure in your next BI project. This one short, but critical step that can increase your chances of project success by more than 60%!

Template #1 – BIDF PREP GUIDE ⭐⭐⭐⭐

(not shown) Completing this easy to use, three part prep guide could literally be the difference between your project success and failure! It’s the most important, agile gap analysis you’ll ever do.

Template #2 – BIDF ‘QUICK WIN’ PROJECT PLAN ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hundreds of BI projects later, we’ve compiled the most critical steps to delivering a 60-day ‘Quick Win’ POC. Simply change your dates and resource names and your good to go!

What you’ll learn

How to use our unique resource recommendation list to ensure that you have the right business and technical resources for your project to avoid costly delays

What critical information you need to gather about your users to quickly identify and eliminate conflict of interest and avoid the dreaded ‘people’ problem later on

The 3 key questions we ask every business user to get to the ‘REAL’ business problem!

How to ‘properly’ quantify your project goals and use them to gain budget, user buy in and drive high user adoption

How to use the BIDF prep guide to instantly increase user engagement and confidence levels

​How to avoid the common trap of ‘pre-set’ and ‘unrealistic’ deadlines set by the business and turn them into opportunities

Key red flags to look out for in the BIDF Prep Guide to determine if your project will be a success or failure


How to Master Requirements Gathering & KPI Generation in 50% less time!

Gathering requirements is one of the most painful parts of the BI process, because most folks are guessing their way through and doing it wrong! 

In this step, I will show you how to use our proven process, leaving your users excited and hungry for more! 

You’ll learn how to use the BIDF Blueprint to completely transform how you engage with your business users, have them willingly transfer the knowledge you need, derive intelligence KPI’s that deliver key insights, and have fun while you’re doing it!


Discover how to extract and document all of your dashboard requirements in this simple, yet powerful templateThe BIDF Blueprint is single-handly the most valuable part of this webinar series… and considered by many to be the “silver bullet”.

What you’ll learn

Our secret weapon to reducing KPI overload and having your users thank you for it!

What 5 specific questions to ask your users to derive the ‘correct’ KPI’s

How to use our BIDF Vault of resources to work with users who have NO KPIs!

The psychology behind user buy in and how to transfer 100% ownership to your users using the Blueprint

How to transform boring KPI’s into ‘actionable and intelligent’ KPIs

The six different types of KPI’s and how and when to use them!

How to let the BIDF Blueprint guide you into asking the right questions and deriving the correct KPIs. Eliminate the guess work!


How to design amazing dashboards, with no design skills, that your users will love!

Let’s face it… Most of you are not designers, and if you’re like me, after eight years you cringe at the thought of attending another ‘design discussion’ with your users. 

I’ve spent the last five years researching and perfecting some tricks that will help you to design amazing dashboards WITHOUT NEEDING A DESIGNER OR DESIGN SKILLS. Many of which we used to design over 400+ enterprise dashboards! 

I’ve honestly not seen anyone else sharing these tips, and can guarantee that you will learn tricks and tips that you can immediately apply to improve your existing or upcoming dashboard and report projects!

Design Template Bundle ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Stop starting from scratch! Use my pre-defined templates, guidelines and tools to speed up your design process by up to 60%

What you’ll learn

How to transform your KPI’s from step into useful and well design data visualizations that your users will love!

How to use infographics in your dashboard without ever needing photoshop or a designer!

How to use my personal design checklist to ensure your dashboards are consistent

How to use to the BIDF storyboad layout to create the WOW factor in your dashboards

Advanced tips and tricks to developing amazing well designed dashboards every time!

NOTE: This is not a technical training. No specific technology will be discussed and used outside of the bonus sessions


How to drive awareness using social tools and skyrocket your user adoption!

As the official inventors of the Social Go Live concept in the BI space, I’ll show you how to use any and every social tool in your company to drive awareness of your BI project… and skyrocket your user adoption! 

Gone are the days when a simple ‘It’s now live’ email gets any user to your application …. we’ll show how doing a social go live can double if not triple your user adoption and engagement overnight! 

To date, some of our successful students have done videos, brochures, magazines, you name it! We’ll show how to market your application, without needing a marketing degree. You’ll love this last step!

Template #4 – Social BI Launch Checklist ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This checklist will show you how to host a social go live for the launch of your application, even if you have no budget! 

What you’ll learn

How to do a social go live even if you dont’ have any budget or marketing knowledge!

How a social launch can skyrocket your user adoption rates overnight

How to unlock and mobilize every social tool in your company to create insane buzz about our project!

How to convince your sponsors to do a social launch… and show the results!

What metrics to use to track the success of your social launch!

The next best thing to create awareness, if your company is not ready for a social launch

“Eye opening and will lead to innovating changes”

Workshop Attendee








Free copy of my Data Visualization for Dummies (Kindle e-book)

Free 36x24 inch Printable Visual Storyboard File

Free 36x24 inch Printed Visual Storyboard (US Only)

The BIDF Toolkit (proven templates, checklist & more)

Access to Exclusive Community for networking and support

Four weeks of Live Q&As
(each quarter)


If you're not satisfied we'll give you your money back. That's it.


Our course comes with a powerful guarantee to let you try it risk-free. If in 30 days you don’t feel satisfied after taking the entire course, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll give you your money back. 


30 days is more time than you need to go through every lesson in the course! That means you can take the entire course, and if you’re not satisfied– ask and receive a refund.


I am over 99% confident you’ll love it. I am taking the same material from my #1 globally rated visual storytelling workshop and making it available online with quite a few enhancements and bonuses.

Certificate of Completion

Let the world know that you’re a trained data storyteller


There is no deadline to register, but we do have early bird specials that end, including some of the free templates and my Data Visualization for Dummies e-book.

Advanced certification is by invite only, but everyone who registers will receive a certificate of completion.

There are multiple ways to register:

1. You can register safely and securely online using PayPal or your choice of American Express, Master Card, VISA or Discover.

2. You can order by phone by calling 1+ 888.337.4878 ext 3

3. You can send your registration in by mail with your personal or company check to:

BI Brainz, LLC
4514 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd #184
Atlanta, GA 30338

(We strongly suggest using a service that provides tracking (FedEx, USPS Priority, UPS). Until your payment is received and cleared you will be added to our waiting list.

If none of these payment methods are convenient for you, please send an email to [email protected] and someone will assist you.

You will have access to the course for one year.


Absolutely! Unlike my live workshops where you spend 4-8 hours soaking in all that you can, you’ll be able to take the course at your own pace, ask questions in our exclusive community group at any time, and join our quarterly Q&As.

I’ve updated all of our templates and added lots of content I do not have time to cover in the live workshop. I’d even recommend folks who attended our live workshop to register if they’re serious about mastering data storytelling. The techniques and templates have been tested and proven by some of the biggest companies in the world.

Believe it or not, I actually developed this series especially with my global audience in mind. I get so many requests from folks who cannot attend the live workshops. 🙂

All lessons are delivered on a weekly basis, on demand and are accessible 24/7 by logging into your account.

In addition, all of the four weeks of Q&As that will take place each quarter, you will have 24/7 replay access for up to a year to all the sessions and the ability to interact with our support staff and other trainees at ANY time.

Please check back here regularly as we keep this post updated with all my live workshops

Absolutely! I want to ensure you are 100% satisfied so I am offering an extremely generous guarantee.

You can sign up and attend the entire series today SATISFACTION-GUARANTEED!

I’m so confident that you will be absolutely be taken back by the teaching in this training series, I am willing to give you a 100% refund if after applying it to your dashboard project within 30 days after the course is complete, you do not feel fully satisfied for any reason. You have my promise.

While this is an online class and we can ‘virtually’ hold an infinite amount of students, but we want to ensure that your overall experience with the course is amazing. So to ensure that we have an exclusive and quality event, we are going to limit the registration to 150 people.

This also ensures that being a part of this exclusive group you get to take full advantage of the Q&A and Bonus Sessions without being a heard in the pack.

Again, all my trainings are sold out so make sure to claim your spot NOW. Don’t wait and kick yourself reading online again how great it was!

There is no need to convince you anymore, just take a look at what some of our students had to say in a recent survey:

Actual Student Feedback #1: “This is so great because it provides best practice – not just for our customers but also to convince our company employees how important this is. It gives us a compass to guide us through. I like it also because it goes beyond just basic steps, it brings in important values such as making sure people are valued and thanking people. This is really a recipe for success! Thank you!”

Actual Student Feedback #2: “As a cognitive scientist, my opinion is that this is a great course on UI design. Also, the social aspects on tips for interfacing with business and end-users were essential. I would recommend BIDF to anyone interested in improving their BI skills.”

Actual Student Feedback #3: “The course provides a great overview of how to approach a dashboard project. Lots of “inside” tips on what to do and what to avoid. Great opportunity to interact with other people who share the same passion and with industry experts as well. As an experienced dashboard developer, I definitely picked up a long list of things that I can use on my next dashboard project.”

It’s a ‘No Brainer’. See you there!

While the BI Data Storytelling training is platform agnostic (can be built in any dashboarding tool), we will be using PowerBI and other tools for our examples and other BI tools for real-world demos.

This is however NOT a technical webinar series and more focused on the methodology itself.

Sure, the fastest way is to click the ‘chat now’ button at the bottom right of the page or to send an email to [email protected] and someone will get back to you within 48 hours. Be sure to include a phone number.

Creating Amazing Data Stories that Users Love

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