YASS, it’s Microsoft PASS Business Analytics Conference 2016 Time!

Excel has a billion users, we can all learn from all of them

It’s that time of year again! I’m getting ready to head back to San Jose, CA, for the Microsoft PASS Business Analytics Conference 2016 on May 2 – 4th, 2016. I can’t wait to rub shoulders again with some of Microsoft’s brightest, and finest Excel users. 🙂


I had a fantastic time keynoting this event last year. Met a lot of amazing people, but also had the chance to go back to my excel roots.

This year, the conference is evolving into more of a ‘Business Analyst’ vs. the traditional ‘IT’ event. This change in focus continues to be an evolution for PASS which started as a Microsoft SQL event.


Last year at PASS, I had four revelations about Excel users

In the business intelligence world, Excel users are referred to as ‘them’, them being the ‘anti-BI’ crowd which makes the job of a BI person very challenging. Hence, coming from the enterprise BI world, what I discovered below was both refreshing and made me feel right at home.

  1. Excel users are just like BI usersThey have a tool, and sometimes they abuse it.
  2. Excel users know they keep silos, and they want to fix it.
  3. Excel users know they create too many reports, and they need to use more visuals.
  4. Excel users have a lot of other tools they can use, and they are also struggling with which options are best.

One could easily exchange the ‘Excel’ for ‘BI’, and the story would remain the same! These revelations are the driving forces for my sessions in two weeks.

My Sessions = Excel Analytics Euphoria

Visual Storytelling: How to Tell a Compelling Data Story that Matters to Your Users

(which still has just a few spaces available) will focus on telling a compelling data story with your data. I will work to break down the process the same way we do internally at BI Brainz and help the users to understand the four areas and central questions they need to ask to tell a compelling story.




If You’ve Ever Tried to Visualize the Perfect KPI and Failed

This session will focus on helping Excel users go from measuring everything, to measuring only what matters. We’ll identify 15 key characteristics of the ‘Perfect KPI’ and how/when to eliminate ‘no so perfect’ KPIs that that don’t add value.





Hope to see you there. If you decide to join us please us the “BAMICO’ code to receive a discount. See you on the sunny side!

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