A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Design your First Executive BI Dashboard (Free Training Video)

Dashboard Design is not Easy, Unless you follow this process

Great news AoF Community! My first free online dashboard design training video is finally available. We at the BI Brainz Academy hope you enjoy the video and take full advantage of the exact design techniques that we have used for years. Ever since I started working at BI Brainz, I’ve had many first’s.

Here’s a few that are memorable…

  1. I learned how to design dashboards using the BI Dashboard Methodology (major eye opener)
  2. I created a free 47-minute training course on what I learned from the BI Dashboard Formula on how to design our BI Executive Dashboards

In this training video, you will learn…

  • What tools and resources you need to have to be effective
  • How to create a great mockup (using pencil/paper or a software application)
  • How to take your mockup to the final design stage for sign-off, using a tool called Canva
To watch the training video, click this link: http://bidashboardformula.com/
To visit Canva, click this link: Canva.com




With this video, I’ve included a free downloadable Ebook! It has step-by-step directions with screenshots of Canva to offer a visual of the process.
Once you’ve mastered my step-by-step guide, move on to the next video which is ‘How to create your first SAP Cloud Analytics data visualization‘ by Darius Knott, where he takes the mockup from my training video and shows how to build it in a tool.

For those who want a deeper dive, you can watch the free webinar replay by Mico Yuk on the BI Dashboard Formula Methodology which shows the ‘Simple 4-step process to building an Executive BI Dashboard’ as is taught in the BI Brainz Academy.

You can also follow my BI Dashboard Canva building journey on Twitter by following me @annam_ria and by using the #BIBacademy hashtag!

For any questions, email me at [email protected]

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