Ep #12: Collective Insights: Take your Collaborative BI to the next level with Howard Dresner

Discover how to take your collaborative BI to the next level and skyrocket your user adoption!

This week, we have a special treat for you! On this episode of Analytics on Fire, we’re featuring an exclusive interview with the man who coined the term “Business Intelligence” in 1989 – Howard Dresner. Today’s topic is not only special and insightful, but it is also extremely new. Howard just recently coined another term – “Collective Insights.”

Howard spent 13 years at Gartner, where he established the ‘BI Gartner Conference’ and for the last 10 years, he’s been working with his company, Dresner Advisory. Today, they publish 15 primary reports per year. He has two books on the market:  Profiles in Performance and The Performance Management Revolution.

You are not going to want to miss this incredible episode that will help you get an understanding of how to take collaborative tools that you already own, that you may not be using, and utilize them to skyrocket your user adoption and accelerate your decision making.

Howard generously offered our Analytics on Fire community a special bonus: 50% off Dresner Advisory Collective Insights Report.


If you are in a BI Center of Excellence,  or if you are a BI lead, practitioner, manager, or anyone involved in that space, and you’re looking for something to help you revolutionize your analytics deployment, that report is for you!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Howard’s background in analytics.
  • What “Collective Insights” concept is all about and how it came to be.
  • The process behind Dresner Advisory’s Collective Insights report.
  • Some of the biggest issues with collaboration within organizations.
  • Why email is likely the worst method for sharing information and insights.
  • How BI tools are currently lacking in the area of collaboration.
  • The main criteria Dresner Advisory uses to rate BI tool vendors.
  • Howard’s rant on the topic of the “reply all” button.
  • The top five features that users want to see in BI tools.
  • Howard’s concept of “Content Governance” and how it differs from data governance.
  • His thoughts on best practices of content governance.
  • How getting this right within your organization may affect user adoption.
  • The specific job roles that can help implement this process.
  • Why and how transparency gives purpose to technology.
  • A potential mistake organizations might make while implementing this new approach.

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