Live: Power BI Dashboard Extreme Makeover Video Series – Submit your Dashboard!

Live Power BI Dashboard Makeover Series
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Have you ever noticed how many downright, ugly dashboards are on the web? I mean just fugly looking, over crowded reports… with the label dashboard on top! No wonder BI user adoption is in the pits.

I’ve decided it’s time to do something about it.

Starting today, I am launching the LIVE Power BI Dashboard Extreme Makeover video series.

I have one goal in mind 👉 to eradicate ‘fugly’ dashboards from the earth, one dashboard at a time… but I need your help!

Here’s how it works.

  • STEP 1: Submit Your Entry - Click the button below to submit your entry.
  • STEP 2: Selection Process - Every month the BI Brainz design team will review the entries and choose one ugly dashboard. The winner will be contacted by the 7th of each month.
  • STEP 3: The Live Power BI Dashboard Makeover - We will invite our community to a 60-minute webinar to watch live, while I critique your dashboard.
  • STEP 4: It's win-win - At the end of the webinar, our team will present a well- designed, user-friendly mockup of what your dashboard could look like... and we’ll give you that for free (a $9,997 value - see our BIDF Makeover offering for details).

BIDF Makeover

We professionally re-design any data visualization in 7 days!

Starting at only


  • STEP 5: Implement Design - You can take the design and implement it immediately.
  • STEP 6: Thank you - As a thank you, you will also receive a complimentary copy of my Data Visualization for Dummies book (as a Kindle e-book) or a $25 Amazon gift certificate (if you are outside the US).


I realize this is unorthodox and completely different from any other community. Everything is so hush hush data wise, which makes it easy to hide behind schools of thought, but we can shift the ugly dashboard needle together.

If you are going to apply… first, thank you.

Second, here are a few answers to any questions you may have:

Just do a google search for ‘BI dashboards’ and click on the images, that should explain it. Eek!

Our team is going to mock up your design as an image, not in a BI tool. We do take the tool you use it into consideration with our final re-design. We will not mockup something you cannot build.

Realistically, the tool does not matter. I hope to also prove this which is why we are doing these live. A bar chart is a bar chart in every tool. 🙂

The 7th of each month we will contact the winner via email. If you are not chosen, we’ll keep you in the pool for the following months or you can submit a new entry at anytime.

Yes! Good analytic designers are hard to find. We are the best in the world at designing data visualizations and creating data stories. We learned a long time ago, ugly dashboards make good data look bad. Let’s get rid of them together. See our BIDF Makeover option for more details. 

We expect you to submit a screenshot with dummy data can be publicly shared. You can change the data, but ensure it makes sense. Please do not share any data that cannot be shared!

Absolutely. You’ll need to put your name and email in the form, but in the notes just indicate that you want to do it anonymously. If chosen, I will go over it live with the critique. You can feel free to attend as a regular attendee.

If you got this far, it probably is. Stop overthinking it. Submit it. You’ll be happy you did. 🙂

Two at most. I prefer the designer and a business user. Whoever else wants to listen, that’s fine. But I’m addressing just two folks.

Then you can hire us or someone else to do it. That’s up to you. 

No, the competition is worldwide and open to any industry or line of business. You will need to speak and understand English. The dashboard will also need to be in English.

Click on the button below, and include:

  1. Full name, email
  2. Phone number
  3. Company name
  4. BI tool used
  5. A description of your dashboard or report (for example, who is it for, how is it used, what is the problem)
  6. A GOOD screenshot of your dashboard.
  7. Optional – Any design guidelines your company has and a small description of your use case. We can usually find the rest online or will be in contact with anything else that we need.

We’re going to educate, entertain and prove that good data visualizations can be created by anyone.

I believe the world and users deserves amazing analytics. Great design is not just for magazines. A company’s analytics should be held to the same standard. 

Great story-driven visualizations can influence decision, motivate actions and complete change perspectives. It’s powerful when done right. I’ll show you how.

Please share this post with someone that is currently suffering from an ugly dashboard. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Mico Yuk

Mico Yuk

As the founder and CEO of BI Brainz, Mico has been in the Business Intelligence industry for 8 years. Besides leading a team of some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, she continues to share her passion for Analytics through the BI Brainz Academy, blogs, social media, global keynotes, training and workshops. In her time off, she enjoys being a beach bum and buying red bottom shoes.
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Get your dashboard professionally redesigned for FREE!

Your dashboard, redesigned for FREE!

Upload your dashboard screenshot. If chosen, we’ll contact you to schedule your FREE makeover. See full details on the blog post.

Upload a screenshot of your dashboard. If chosen, our team will contact you.

* File uploads must be in PDF, jpg, png or gif format.

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