16: BI Awareness and Adoption Tactics that Work with Lestor Meadows of Kimberly-Clark

Welcome to another exciting episode of Analytics on Fire! This week’s topic comes from one of our customers, Kimberly-Clark. Lestor Meadows, Senior Manager of Global BI Delivery for Kimberly-Clark’s Enterprise Data Management and Analytics team, discusses how he took his highly successful Awareness and Adoption program from being a regional to a global phenomenon within the company.

Tune in as Lestor delves into how he created a self-sustaining BI awareness program that helps Kimberly-Clark increase their adoption.  He divulges the exact details of how Kimberly-Clark was able to achieve such a great feat. He generously shares the types of media that he used to create buzz, his must-dos for BI user adoption success, as well as everything he learned along the way.

If you’re struggling with your BI user adoption or trying to create a plan for approaching awareness and user adoption together, this episode is for you. So turn up the volume and listen in, because you don’t want to miss this well-overdue episode!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Lestor created a self-sustaining program that helps Kimberly-Clark increase their adoption.
  • How the BI Awareness and Adoption program at Kimberly-Clark became a global phenomenon.
  • [08:25] – Lestor explains what a true BI Awareness and Adoption Program is all about.
  • [09:00] – Lestor deep dives into the key facets of BI awareness and the exact tools he used.
  • [10:22] – Lestor discusses why he created a ‘BI on BI’ program to track his SAP Business Objects implementation.
  • [13:29] – Lestor explains how their ‘BI on BI’ program was able to track the usage of 80% of the tools at Kimberly-Clark!
  • [14:30] –  Key Quote: “We could prove [BI] adoption through the BI on BI stats that we had!”
  • [22:15] – Lestor shares an example of how they started with 25 people and grew to 400 [BI] users in Asian Pacific for a signal application!
  • [23:20] –  Key Quote: “We are very passionate about having good [BI] design with technical spec [at Kimberly-Clark].”
  • Lestor emphasizes that “Every [BI] report we build, must tell a story [at Kimberly-Clark].”
  • [29:09] –  Key Quote: “[BI] Awareness and Adoption never sleeps.”
  • And so much more! Enjoy!

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