What to Expect from Analytics on Fire in 2016

Time to change the Enterprise Analytics game

Happy New Year analytics tweeps! As we wrap up the first month of 2016, we know many of our loyal fans from our (previous) Everything Xcelsius community have been waiting for us to set the BI/Analytics space on fire again. Talk about pressure. Below is our ‘mission statement’ for the AoF (Analytics on Fire) community.


When deciding where to take the AoF community in 2016 and beyond, our motto is to ‘Go Big or Go Home!’ Compared to the internet in 2008, there is so much noise online today, it’s difficult to find great content. This presents a challenge, but also an opportunity. 

We decided to find the best way to add the most value to you, in a way that no other community can. After taking a close look at our recent BI customer successes, we decided that AoF’s community mission is to:

To support this bold mission, our team came up with three key items we will focus on to deliver the most value that we can in the shortest amount of time.



Remember these insane stats from our last webinar? Well, we’re happy to announce that our mega webinars are back by popular demand. We’ve read your many emails about how impactful these webinars have been to your careers and projects, and decided it was time to bring them back.


In 2016, we plan to host one mega webinar per quarter. We will show what we’ve been working on in the BI Brainz ‘Think Tank’ and blow the cover on what is, and what is not working in the analytics/BI space today. We will deep dive into some of our Fortune 500 customer engagements (without getting sued of course).

We 2016 as the year where enterprise customers have to take analytics from hindsight to insight by using visual storytelling to increase user adoption. We’ll take you on that journey to ensure you don’t get left behind.

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Also by popular demand, and as a part of our BI Brainz Academy launch we are finally re-opening the doors to our flagship BI Dashboard Formula (BIDF) online training program. The original launch of BIDF in 2012 attracted over 5,000 students globally and became a hit overnight. With so many new use cases, success stories, techniques, and buzzwords, #BIDF2016 is our most updated and best training yet.

Why is this important?  Since our last online class in 2014, the BI Dashboard Formula training has received almost 100 testimonials from students around the world. It’s the #1 BI course for individuals and companies that want to take their analytics to the next level.

We are also launching the BIDF Certification program in 2016. While this opportunity will only initially be available to current students who meet the strict requirements, there will be lots of opportunities for new students to enter the next round of eligibility.

You’ll hear more about this in Q2. #BIDF2016 enrollment spaces will be limited again to ensure quality, so please send an email to [email protected] to be added to the waiting list.


While this launch was delayed in 2015, fast forward to 2016, and we’re excited to finally launch our Analytics on Fire Podcast! If your not familiar with the original announcement and details, in short, I got with my BI partner in crime and fellow blogger Ryan Goodman to share some of the private, insightful discussions we were having with our customers about their BI Implementations. Better yet.. click below to hear it for yourself! 


The picture below demonstrates the $97BIL that will be spent this year on BI Services vs. the low 21% average BI user adoption rate.

Do the math. That’s about $76BIL that will be spent on failed BI projects in 2016 alone.

That $76BIL of failure will continue to fuel disruption in the analytics market. When we started BI Brainz and the Analytics on Fire community we had one goal in mind to ‘Stop this madness!’. We have first-hand experience helping our Fortune 500 customers dig themselves out of the failed BI project ditch.

We quickly learned that the primary source of failure was the ‘people’ and not the tools. Most customers spend 95% of their time and money on execution and data, and little to no time on user experience and then wonder why their user adoption is in the single digits.

For the last two years, we created some simple tools to help even the most ‘left brain’ thinker focus on these areas of BI that are critical to success, and we plan to release them throughout 2016 for free to those who subscribe to our newsletter!

We hope your as excited as we are!


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