Ep #7: Case Study: How One Team’s Big Data Investment Paid Off

How Naveen Narra of TE Connectivity is driving analytics success by focusing on user adoption

Today’s episode of Analytics of Fire is an incredible case study with the Senior Manager for Business Analytics and Big Data Solutions for TE Connectivity (previously Tyco Electronics), Naveen Narra, on how their company’s Big Data investment paid off in a big way. If you’re in the process of elevating your organization’s BI, this episode is for you!

TE Connectivity manufactures, designs and sells electronic components for different industries like aeronautics to mobile devices. They have over 4,000 business intelligence users from a centralized BI team that supports teams across the globe. Naveen’s role in their analytics strategy is managing the entire Business Intelligence architecture and big data solution teams. He is also currently working on a next generation data warehouse initiative.

In this episode, Naveen shares how using SAP HANA and the Business Intelligence Suite, he was able to drive significant success, transform his business, organization, and his career. This interview is one of the most compelling SAP HANA stories we’ve ever heard ever heard!

We discuss how he prioritizes their projects, which problems to solve, and how to present them to the leadership. Tune is as Naveen pulls back the curtain and shares his deepest tactics and secrets of TE Connectivity’s transition process from old-school BI to new school interactive analytics, as well as the and the keys to their incredible success.

Now that Naveen and his team can run the same analysis, that used to take 30 to 40 minutes, in a couple of seconds, we asked him how it changed the way that he thinks about delivering BI. He had an incredible answer that you’ll have to hear on this episode. Click “play” below to listen…

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Naveen’s background and what TE Connectivity does as a business.
  • The BI solutions Naveen and his team were exploring to get quick wins.
  • Their “Secret Sauce” to simplify and solve complex problems for the business user.
  • How SAP HANA in-memory analytics changed how they approached BI
  • What they discovered from 40+ interviews with key business executives and business power users.
  • Their biggest game-changer – their innovative way of moving from basic reports to interactive dashboards.
  • How he prioritizes projects and which problems to solve, and how he presents them to the leadership.
  • Two important things he did from the get-go to improve the overall engagement.
  • How they branded and marketed their BI solution.
  • Their transition process from old-school business intelligence reports to building interactive analytics.
  • How user experience design and graphic design contribute to success
  • The 3 categories of their projects: Strategic Projects, Tactical Projects, and Visualization Projects.
  • Naveen’s user adoption tips and strategies.

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