Ep #13: 3 Steps to Mapify Your KPI’s with Ryan Goodman of CMaps Analytics

Learn how to build a map solution that highlights what is important in an elegant and simple process.

This week on Analytics on Fire, our very special guest is none other than our very own Ryan Goodman. Ryan is the CEO of CMaps Analytics (formerly Centigon Solutions), co-founder of Analytics on Fire and the resident maps guy. He has spent over 12 years designing analytics business apps and harnesses all of that experience to help enterprises leverage geo-spatial data and analysis today.

Join us as Ryan walks us through the key benefits of using Location Intelligence as a key part of your BI competency, as well as the specific steps you need to succeed. You are not going to want to miss this fun and informative episode that will help you understand how to take the first steps in bringing location analytics to all levels of your enterprise, what you need to avoid, and discover the roadmap to your own success in GIS integration.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Ryan became the “the maps guy”.
  • The top pitfalls of using maps incorrectly.
  • How to ask the right questions to find what you need.
  • Why should people care about maps or GIS? (What is the biggest barrier for folks?)
  • Ryan’s steps for mapifying KPIs.
  • His thoughts on how to determine the good and the bad of a potential map technology.
  • The past (and future) companies that have been bringing map technology to the world.
  • Ryan’s process to start exploring maps.
  • The three general steps to success with map integration.
  • Why you have to understand that it is not all about maps.

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