Ep #14: The Four Step Path to Success with GIS and Analytics with Matt Sheehan

Discover how to apply GIS solutions to solve your data problems

This week on Analytics on Fire, I was away on vacation, but Ryan had an exciting one-on-one with Matt Sheehan, a pioneer in the location intelligence community. Join us as Matt breaks down how GIS (Geographic Information System) is becoming a sought after solution across a range of industries looking to make better decisions for strategic growth.

Matt is a Principal and Senior GIS Developer with WebMapSolutions, which specializes in location technology development, working with GIS and other location-based services. He started the company eight years ago bringing together GIS problem solvers with technical experts to help companies find solutions to their WHERE problems.

Matt talks us through his four-step process, “From WHERE to there”, that businesses can use to reach a Location Intelligence solution.  The BI community is growing rapidly, so Matt is also sharing some helpful information on live events to connect with other professionals to increase your opportunities to network.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The shifts in the BI industry and how they relate and complement the changes in mapping with GIS
  • The power and value of GIS for those with BI but without a real location intelligence solution in place
  • How GIS can produce information to help businesses make strategic growth decisions
  • Maps vs. GIS – What is the difference?
  • Real world commercial applications for GIS
  • How to approach answering the “WHERE” questions with analytics and GIS
  • A starting point for those looking to implement a GIS solution
  • How to apply Matt’s 4 step process “From WHERE to There” when it comes to analytics and GIS
  • Advice for approaching GIS professionals in your organization
  • The best way to incorporate GIS professionals into your organization

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