15: Why the Key to a Data-Driven Culture is Community with Shawn Rogers

Discover to key to gaining more value from big data, BI & analytics

This week on Analytics on Fire, I sat down with the godfather of BI Communities and Chief Research Officer of Dell, Shawn Rogers, to discuss a topic that is becoming critical to driving a data-driven culture, your community. Shawn gives us a clear view on what it takes to drive a data-driven culture, as well as how to convince a […]

Analytics Battlefront Moves to the Cloud

5 keys to cloud analytics success

In 2016, the battlefront for analytics supremacy moves to the cloud. Pure cloud players like Salesforce.com and Amazon (AWS), are serious entrants into the cloud analytics business while enterprise mega-vendors like Microsoft, SAP and Oracle re-invent their BI businesses for the cloud. Forrester recently reported in its tech spending forecast 2016: “The amount of money […]