AoF 54: How to become an Irreplaceable Data Consultant w/ Yves Mulkers

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The pandemic and lockdowns make this a difficult time for everyone who needs to stay in business and stay in their jobs. Today’s topic is going to be helpful for every data professional during this time. Yves Mulkers joins me to talk discuss how to become an irreplaceable data consultant.

During the course of his career, Yves has walked and talked this himself, and today he explains how he realized he needed to become indispensable and what he did about it. This is a subject that’s important not just for consultants, but for employees as well, so listen to hear what Yves has to say. Yves also gives us an awesome give away (see resources for details)!

“Technology is not the only thing, it’s a means to better understand why you have that mission and vision.” [34:57]


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3 Knowledge Bombs

  • Yves on Hoarding Knowledge - You need to get away from the fear.
  • Yves on Speaking Up - If you say well, I don’t feel respected and this is why I don’t feel respected – just don’t throw it out, don’t be aggressive, but start discussing about that.
  • Yves on having multiple skills - I can do the business requirements as well and I can do the project management. Not that I like doing project management, but I can set that up.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [01:50]  - Transformational Stories and Lessons Learned: Yves’s 3 things you can do to become irreplaceable.
  • [06:39]  - User Expectations: The importance of making yourself stick in your role during the pandemic and lockdowns.
  • [12:20]  - Yves’s passion for music.
  • [15:49]  - The moment that changed everything for Yves.
  • [19:02]  - Key Quote: I think that’s a good basis to have the development background, but as well understanding how you work with data. –Yves Mulkers
  • [20:09]  - How Yves overcame times that weren’t as good with his job.
  • [21:23]  - How Yves’s experiences drove him to build his brand and career.
  • [22:47]  - How consulting allows Yves to bypass age discrimination.
  • [25:07]  - Key Quote: I get so fed up because these are the consultancy companies and you would expect them to care for their human capital, but that was not my personal positive experience with these companies. –Yves Mulkers
  • [25:52]  - Key Quote: We need more reliance and we need more redundancy in order to have a sense of safety in terms of financial well-being. –Lillian Pearson
  • [26:40]  - The importance of sharing knowledge and data.
  • [28:47]  -Key Quote: Data hoarding and skills hoarding, that is not going to keep you in a job. What it does is it isolates you. People always know who did the work. - Mico Yuk
  • [30:12]  - What Yves told himself when he was younger that he would do differently.
  • [32:20]  - How to speak up in your role.
  • [33:28]  - Why you need to be multi-skilled.
  • [36:50]  - Understanding what you want to achieve.
  • [37:48]   - The importance of communication skills.
  • [40:24]  - How to build communication skills.
  • [42:30]  - Actions that can be taken to improve the ability to communicate
  • [44:29]  - What’s next for Yves.
  • [45:30]  - A book Yves would recommend.
  • [47:12]  - Who Yves is inspired by.
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“I think by sharing, people appreciate you and you get more supports in certain times if they can support you.” [27:35]

Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Check out Yves Mulkers’s Fav Resources & Tools!
  • Yves Mulkers works at 7wData

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