Learn How Ryan Deeds, VP of IT at Assurex Global skyrocketed his analytics user adoption to 70% using our BI Data Storytelling Framework!

“In 17 years of analytics training, there hasn’t been anything more impactful than BI Brainz’ Data Storytelling Mastery workshop. I don’t think I’d have the job I have today had I not attended the session.”

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Ryan Deeds
VP of Technology & Data Mangement, Assurex Global


19,000+ employees


Columbus, OH


Established 1954


28B+ annually

Ryan’s Challenges: 

After Attending our Data Storytelling Workshop: 

Ryan Deeds is a high-profile figure in the insurance community. As VP of Technology and Data Management at Assurex Global – a leading insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage group – it’s Ryan’s job to drive a data-driven culture. 

Ryan put what he’d learned in the workshop to immediate use – and saw rapid-fire results.

A key takeaway was the advice that less is more when it comes to data visualization. Where he’d previously been building nebulous (Power BI) dashboards crammed with data, he turned his focus to building solutions that were more goal-focused, simpler and slicker.

Thanks to Mico’s great advice, he began collaborating more closely with his operations teams to define clear-cut business goals. With a clearer target to hit, he saved huge chunks of time, simply applying the right metrics to drive them forward. Find out what else Ryan did by downloading the entire story!

Find out what Ryan did to skyrocket dashboard user adoption to 70%:

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Find out what Ryan did to skyrocket dashboard user adoption to 70%:


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