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Stop struggling to standardize your dashboards and reports with our updated Analytics Design Guide online course and downloadable template. No design or marketing skills are needed to use our guide. Learn how to quickly customize it so you can share it with your team and users in minutes.
Looking for the cure to KPI/metric overload? Without these 19 points for each KPI and metric, your BI project is more likely to fail. Confirm data availability and get off the requirements gathering treadmill. Remove all guesswork from your goals, KPIs and metrics.
Not sure where to start?  Learn the10 things you need to have in order to for your Analytics project to be successful. Without these 10 things, your BI project is likely to fail before it starts, and could put your credibility with your users at risk. Get started today!
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Attended one of our conference sessions or live workshops? Looking for the presentation or templates? Click here to download the PPTs. Note: We will only provide it for the most recent event.
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