We Are BI Brainz

BI Brainz is a passionate business intelligence consulting company that has 10+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, solving business problems with data.

We have an interest in analytics, data visualizations, data modeling and how they can be used to create business value.

Our teams have worked autonomously on many major BI projects, led teams, and even departments. We strategize, plan, educate, advocate, mentor, coach, and execute on BI projects as we combine the skills of a senior data developer with a well-trained UI/UX designer, to help drive the next generation of analytics.

Our Mission

To provide leaders with the support, tools and techniques to deliver successful BI projects on time, resulting in more business buy-in, trust, and funding for future projects. 

The success of your BI journey is highly dependent on the right combination of technology, processes, and people. BI Brainz helps to create memorable user experiences from day one, not only in the engagement but in the actual analytics.

One of our core passions is to test our methods with our customers, and then share our knowledge with our community. As a result, we’ve trained thousands globally on how to use our BI Dashboard Formula methodology to delivery successful BI projects. Our company has organically grown from our blog and we continue to share our knowledge through our academy, blog, podcast, and social media channels. We’d love for you to join us!

Our Leadership Team

Mico Yuk

CEO, Co-Founder

Oversees the innovation of the BI Brainz methodologies, tools, services, and educational products. Global top-rated keynote speaker and author. Willing to go anywhere that has a great beach and food!

Soo Yuk

Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Founder

Focused on making BI Brainz a trusted, household name in the BI industry through strategic marketing initiatives and nurturing our community. Loves “sea wata” and everything Caribbean.

Rick Grantham

Chief Analytics Officer

Keeps customer success our #1 priority by ensuring our team delivers high quality projects. Attends 90% of Jacksonville Jaguar games during the NFL season.

Rowan Hinton

Head of Customer Success

Heads up recruiting, assists with business development and is focused on BI Brainz growth. Enjoys running half marathons and piloting small planes!

Raquel Seville

CEO, Caribbean

Focused on the growth, customer success and awareness of our BI Brainz Caribbean division. Top-rated global speaker and author. Enjoys traveling, food, and living the island life.

Nicolas Henry

CEO, Europe (London)

Focused on the growth and customer success of our BI Brainz EU division. Enjoys traveling and time with family.

Nic Hutchins

Chairman, Europe

Focused on BI Brainz revenue growth in Europe and building strategic alliances. Enjoys competitive rowing, particularly Henley, and sailing.

Alex Palley

Managing Consultant

Focused on delivering high-quality consumable data for BI Brainz customer visualizations. Enjoys traveling and watching Liverpool FC from any location.

Tamica Fraser

Office Manager, Event Organizer

Ensures the BI Brainz office and our events are high quality. Handles academy support. Enjoys traveling the world and shopping in her spare time!

Our Promises

Our Customer Quality Agreement

We are 100% transparent, We will never extend your BI project without your approval.​

We will never put a random consultant on your project.​

We will never share your KPIs, dashboards or reports with others, without your approval.​

We treat your project as our own, we are your partner, not another vendor.​

We do not endorse any BI tools, our recommendations are strictly based on your needs.​

We deliver faster than the competition, without compromising quality.​

Our Skills & Expertise

Most of our team come from 10+ years of turning around failed BI projects. Those hard lessons have made us obsessed with user adoption, design and measurable ROI. We are known for the fastest in “Turn-Around Time” of 7 days in the industry and strict NDA terms that we adhere to; making it easy for brands to trust and do business with us without any hassle. We work with the largest companies in the world. 

Every product is Litmus tested. We  are agnostic and develop in any BI tool using our methodology. We keep up with the latest BI tools and capabilities so you don’t have to! Let us turn your ‘ugly baby’ into a pretty one. 

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