Learn how Middlesex Hospital uses the BIDF Methodology to build SMART KPIs

“There’s a formality and a process to creating a KPI – and that didn’t really exist here prior to the BIDF Methodology. Coming back and having a conversation with leaders here was like a lightbulb going off. We implemented this slowing-down, working with the stakeholders and end users to find that KPI.”

Jonathan Sharr
Manager of IT Applications, BI & Analytics
Middlesex Hospital


Middlesex Hospital


$412 million


Middletown, CT



Common Problems: 

  • No visibility into key metrics
  • Inconsistent Communication
  • Lack of metric definition and ownership

Smart Solution: 

  • Adoption of the BI Dashboard Formula Methodology to define metrics
  • Company-wide metric visibility
  • 24/7 access to metric details

Jonathan Sharr, senior decision support analyst at Middlesex Hospital, with revenues around $412 million annually, changed his organization’s approach to deriving and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) following a 2016 presentation on our BIDF methodology. Their new system is designed to focus on user engagement and ownership as a means of driving actions and results.

Jonathan used his small team and the BIDF Methodology to initiate a cultural transformation away from imprecise metrics, disagreements over data, and high requirement gathering times.

Find out how Jonathan stopped users from asking how metrics were defined during every meeting in 90 days!

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