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Learn the proven 4-step process to craft the perfect data story with your audience! Get secrets to designing a compelling data visualization that really drives action! You will also get some amazing free tools that will radically change your approach to data storytelling!
In part 2 of this free training we cover how to use our 50-page ADG to accelerate self service BI Adoption, standardize your analytics, and provide a set standard to your team and users to avoid them starting from scratch. While the example is in Power BI, you can simple cut/paste your details and make it your own!
In part 3 of this training, we cover yet another game-changing tool from our BI Data Storytelling Framework. Our Analytics Visual Storyboard gamifies the data requirement gathering process with your users and can be done in person or remote. When used correctly, you wont have to beg users for their time or struggle to visualize the story!
This 5-star rated online course will transform you into the Chief Data Storyteller in your org at your own pace. Join Mico Yuk as she takes you through the entire BIDS framework. Get all the tools and techniques you need to properly engage your users, craft their story, and skyrocket user adoption!
Check out this throw back video from Mico Yuk as she digs into how and why you should be using BI visual storyboards. She gives strategies for assigning exciting data viz/report names to your dashboards and reports, and explains when it’s ‘OK’ for IT to say no to end users.
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