AoF 49: 3 Career Changing Habits for Analytics Leaders w/ Liza Layne

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Do you want to climb the career ladder and change your trajectory from simply being a developer of data to managing it?

Today’s guest is Liza Layne, Lead Data Analytics Manager at Eurostar. As a woman in tech working with data and an original BI Dashboard Formula student, Liza shares three career-changing steps for analytical leaders and developers.

Liza on Scoping data projects - “As soon as you start talking about money, people’s availability suddenly opens up.” [33:08]


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3 Knowledge Bombs

  • Liza on Step 1 - Identify ‘who’ does what for BI Analytics projects.
  • Liza on Step 2 - Visualize what will be achieved and delivered.
  • Liza on Step 3 -Define KPIs to develop skills and capture data metrics.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [12:10]  - Programming Powers: Liza got into tech to be a winner and take things apart.
  • [19:15]  - What is Eurostar and Liza’s role?
  • [21:31]  - How Liza met Mico and became BIDF royalty.
  • [23:35]  - Data Development: Which approach to follow? Kimball, Agile, Waterfall....
  • [24:45]  - Why did Liza decide to sign-up for BIDF course? Learn from mistakes made when projects failed.
  • [26:19]  - Key Quote: You learn from those mistakes in order to make better decisions. - Liza Layne
  • [28:08]  - Step 1 - Who: Everybody plays a significant role in BI projects, including SMEs, sponsors, and staff.
  • [31:30]  - Excuses: Don’t have time? Then, don’t expect anything to be delivered.
  • [34:42]  - Step 2 - Visualization: What goals/objectives need to be achieved and delivered?
  • [41:28]  - Step 3 - KPIs: Clearly define and develop skills to capture data metrics.
  • [43:15]  - Techniques and Transparency: Share what you can to help others understand.
  • [48:03]  - Key Quote: In order for you to deliver anything, if people don’t buy into it, you’re never going to get anywhere. - Liza Layne
  • [57:10]  - What is Anita Borg’s organization, and why volunteer to be a tech ally?

Liza on the business value today - “Data is gold.” [45:35]

Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Lizas Must-Have Books & Tools!
  • Liza Run the Anita Borg London Chapter supporting women in tech!
  • Liza works at Eurostar as the Lead of Data and Analytics!
  • Listen to other student success stories:
  • Register today for upcoming BI Data Storytelling (BIDS) Accelerator Online 2-day Event!

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