AoF 48: How to Land an Incredible Data Role during Quarantine w/ Lillian Pierson

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Unsure about your job status due to the COVID-19 crisis? Even if you’re not looking for a job, do not wait until you need one, to try these guerilla job seeking techniques!

Business Coach Lillian Pierson and myself, Mico Yuk, discuss how to land an incredible data role during quarantine. There’s a method to the madness.

“Who better to hire right now than people that can use existing resources and turn them into profits? That’s what data scientists/professionals can do.” Lillian Pierson [09:27]


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3 Knowledge Bombs

  • Lillian on Economic Depression - Find what works, who is hiring, land a job.
  • Lillian on LinkedIn - Modify and update profile to paint a professional picture.
  • Lillian on Looking for Jobs - Find the right jobs and message hiring managers.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [08:14]  - Benefits of Lock-down: No distractions, increased productivity.
  • [13:55]  - Personal Development: What are you going to look like when lock-down is done?
  • [15:14]  - Key Quote: I feel like the world needs data people now more than ever before. - Mico Yuk
  • [15:23]  - Where to start? LinkedIn.
  • [19:00]  - Key Quote: I learned my lesson the hard way, so you don’t have to. - Lillian Pierson
  • [21:25]  - Uplifting Story: New role, new money, new business—the rest is history.
  • [22:45] Three Top Tips:  
  • Optimize and customize LinkedIn profile
  • Filter job/keyword search
  • Develop strong interview skills
  • [44:20]  - When looking for a job, employees focus on getting tasks done, hiring managers want results. Speak their language—dollars and cents.
  • [54:07]  - Key Quote: You don’t apply (for a job on Linkedin) unless you have a way of getting through to someone, like a hiring manager. - Lillian Pierson
  • [56:44]  - LinkedIn Premium: Is it worth the investment?
  • [01:09:10] How to prepare for Zoom interviews:  
  • Touch-up
  • Add background
  • Look into camera and sit up

"Message Hiring Manager: Follow-up script is Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA)" [58:02]

Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Download a copy of Lillian's '5 Proven Headlines for Data Job Seekers Template' in our Private Facebook Group under Units!
  • Check out Lillian’s other dynamite podcast 🙂
  • Lillian’s Must-Have Books & Tools!
  • Lillian’s Favorite Tools
  • Register today for upcoming BI Data Storytelling (BIDS) Accelerator Online 2-day Event!

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