AoF 36: Build a Solid Enterprise Wide Data Strategy w/ Lillian Pierson

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Today’s guest is the talented and intelligent Lillian Pierson. Lillian, founder of Data Mania and a Data Science, Instagram rock star with 600K+ followers across social media. Currently, she is the data science instructor for multiple courses on LinkedIn Learning, as well as an author, entrepreneur, coach and social media genius.

In this new BI Masterclass, Lillian is going to teach you how to build a solid enterprise-wide data strategy that scales. Stay tuned to get Lillian’s best tips for social media, data strategies, and collecting data for use cases.

“(on social media) The bigger picture is what is the impact? What is the impact we’re trying to have on people’s lives?” [07:34]



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3 Knowledge Bombs

  • Lillian on the definition of an enterprise-wide data strategy - “An enterprise-wide data strategy is a strategy built around the comprehensive needs of a business.”
  • Lillian on starting an enterprise-wide data strategy - "If you become really good at something, it can become your passion."“Start off small. Start with a small proof of concept. Test it and get success in a small unit, then scale it.”
  • Lillian on growing an online community - “The number of followers doesn’t matter that much. It’s really a representation of how long someone’s been online. Because you aggregate this follower count.”

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [03:21]  - Something about Lillian most people don’t know.
  • [05:52]  - Lillian’s secret to her huge Instagram following.
  • [08:01]  - Key Quote: “When I say something that I think would have been meaningful and someone says, ‘Wow, you look good today,’ I think, that’s great but that’s not what I’m going for.” - Lillian Pierson
  • [10:07]  - The definition of enterprise-wide data strategy and who it is for
  • [13:21]  - Key Quote: “What is the point of all this big data talk? The point is that they generate business value from that new knowledge.” - Lillian Pierson
  • [14:14]  - The importance of data literacy. With data literacy, Lillian was teaching the what, but now she’s teaching the how and why.
  • [15:16]  - Key Quote: “It’s mostly about the why because when you’re in the details it’s so easy to get caught up in the little things. It’s so easy to forget why we’re doing all this.” - Lillian Pierson
  • [18:03]  - Start off small with one use case and test for effectiveness before scaling out.
  • [20:17]  - Steps to take before choosing use cases (since most businesses don’t have a use case library)
  • Survey the industry
  • Look at recent and relevant trends
  • Take stock of your entire organization
  • Look at your business’ vision
  • Do a technology gap analysis
  • Look at the reference architecture
  • [21:14]  - You can get a data strategy done in 6 weeks, and a use case done in 2 ½ weeks
  • [22:38]  - Creating the enterprise-wide data strategy:
  • Define your scope, schedule, and stakeholders.
  • Reverse engineer back
  • “What type of improvement do I need to make? And over what period of time?”
  • Answer those questions to get your framework
  • What technology do you need?
  • Look at your existing team members (make sure people are being utilized as well as they can)
  • [27:58]  - You evaluate how the project is performing against benchmarks that you set in the beginning. Once you have it going well, you should be able to scale it to other business units.
  • [30:50]  - 3 things you should look out for when building their data strategy
  • Tool evaluation. Don’t let lack of tools hold you back
  • Go with a tool that has a long history of success that you can trust
  • Lillian’s data strategy course which will come out in 2020.
  • [35:02]  - The success and failure of big data projects
  • [35:24]  - Lillian’s advice for young entrepreneurs: “Inform, educate, and inspire myself about all of the amazing applications of computer science and all the cool things I could do with it.”
  • [48:54]  - Why Lillian is reading “The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook”
  • [50:30]  - How to get Lillian’s giveaway: “The Badass’s Guide to Breaking Into Data”

“It’s mostly about the why (when creating your enterprise-wide data strategy) .... It’s easy to forget why we’re doing all this.”

Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Download Lillian's FREE Badass Guide to Breaking into Data
  • Reminder: Register for the early bird discount to our BI Data Storytelling Accelerator - 3-day Live workshop on January 28-30, 2020!

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