Learn how Ferrara Candy Company found its sweet spot for dashboards to solve real business problems with some help from our team!

“BI Brainz has simplified the whole user experience of our dashboards. They’ve used their in-depth subject matter knowledge to combine people, process, and technology into one capability and bring agile visualization storyboards to our organization. It’s fantastic to have the best designers in the world working on our dashboards.”

Mustafa Mustafa
Senior Director of IT, Ferrara Candy Company


3200+ employees


Chicago, IL


Established 1908


1B+ annually

Ferrara Candy Challenges: 

The Results:

Ferrara Candy Company is one of the largest confectionery companies in the US and home to some of the world’s best-loved candy brands. Having recently acquired Nestlé’s confectionery business, the company aims to be a forerunner in the future of candy.

After carefully weighing up his options, Mustafa opted to partner with BI Brainz.  Mustafa already held the firm’s CEO and Co-founder Mico Yuk in high esteem. He’d attended numerous training courses and was impressed.

Mustafa signed up for an initial development subscription period of nine months.

Mustafa describes the immediate win: “The ability to view data on large monitors has helped teams across Ferrara’s business have more engaging, data-centric conversations.”  Thanks to BI Brainz’ easy subscription service offering, it’s now easier than ever for Ferrara Candy Company to broadcast the pulse of the business. Vital insights are easily and consistently visible, which is helping foster a data-driven culture across the business. To read the whole story download the use case below!

Find out how Mustafa continues to drive a data driven culture partnering with BI Brainz:

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Find out how Mustafa continues to drive a data driven culture partnering with BI Brainz:


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