Learn how we helped Mobile Mini to launch its first real-time Executive Dashboard to data hungry execs!

“The platform gave executives insights faster than any they’d experienced before, granting them real-time data access via any device… so they could take action over the course of the day.”

Heather Sinkwitz
Head of BI, Mobile Mini


2000+ employees


Phoenix, Arizona


Established 1983


500m+ annually

Common Problems: 

  • Inflexible data warehouse not meeting business needs
  • Lack of metric definition and ownership
  • Backed up log of report requests

Smart Solution: 

  • Setup real-time data warehouse (SAP HANA)
  • Define company-wide metrics
  • Launch first Executive Dashboard

Mobile Mini, the leader in mobile storage rentals, leases over 200,000 portable storage containers every year, operating 150 locations across North America and the UK.

BI Brainz worked with Mobile Mini to build out their SAP HANA platform and decommission their existing  data warehouse. We then kicked off an executive dashboard project with the C-level, using the BI Dashboard Formula methodology, which helped the company establish their goals and key metrics.  

Find out what Heather and her team did to get their users addicted to their analytics.

What is the Difference between a BI Manager and a BI Leader!

Listen to Heather Sinkwitz of Mobile Mini tell the full story on AOF Podcast

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Find out what Heather and her team did to get their users addicted to their analytics.


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