AoF 62: Cracking theData Code w/ Mike Bugembe

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Mike Bugembe is a speaker, consultant, and author of the book Cracking the Data Code. He joins today’s podcast to talk about the things that you can do that will help create successful analytics projects in unicorn companies. Today’s interview is full of golden nuggets and knowledge bombs. Listen in to hear what Mike has to say about finding use cases for AI, learning how to ask data questions, and the biggest obstacles companies face when trying to unlock the value of their data.

“You can take human intuition and combine it with machine calculation. Makes you so much more effective.” - [27:01]


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3 Knowledge Bombs

  • [28:33] - Mike on Adoption Mistakes : “If you’re a data professional in your company and you decide to try and educate your business, it’s the riskiest and probably the biggest mistake you can make.”
  • [35:47] - Mike on Change : “I would say the biggest obstacle is fear.”
  • [44:28] - Mike on Hiring a 3rd Party to Help : “You know, I wouldn’t do a Big Five, because they also have baggage.”

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [03:42]  - Focus: 5 Things that successful unicorn companies are doing that you are not for your BI projects
  • [05:55]  - Our new sponsor Logi Analytics special 14-day trial offer
  • [14:05]  - Mike’s superpower: finding use cases for AI
  • [16:42]  - Key Quote: “One that I tend to hide is that I’m severely allergic to caffeine.” Mike Bugembe
  • [18:54]  - Mike’s background and hobbies
  • [22:02]  - How to crack the data code
  • [24:10]  - Key Quote: “Two weeks later, they go back to doing everything the way they used to. And they forget your solution.” –Mike Bugembe
  • [24:43]  - Key Quote: “Around 75% of investments in data fail to see any return on investment.” –Mike Bugembe
  • [25:30]  - 5 things that organizations that were failing had in common
    Making sure everyone knows how to ask data questions
  • [26:20]  - Learning how to ask data questions
  • [27:47]  - Airbnb’s data program
  • [29:58]  - Key Quote: “Even when you rebrand, the business looks and goes: I know you!” –Mico Yuk
  • [31:18]  - Offering a skillshare to teammates
  • [35:40]  - The biggest obstacle to companies that are looking to unlock the value of their data
  • [38:21]  - Why having a data leader is important
  • [39:53]  - Why you need a clear game plan
  • [41:24]  - How culture factors in
  • [49:02]  - Using applications in meetings
  • [51:21]  - Recapping the Golden Nuggets
  • [54:24]  - A time where Mike saw clients fail or drop the ball
  • [58:32]  - Advice that Mike would give his younger self
  • [01:03:15]  - Raffle for copies of Mike’s book
  • [01:03:43]  - Who Mike is inspired by
  • [01:06:09]  - How listeners can get in touch with Mike
  • [01:07:08]  - What’s next for Mike
  • [01:09:28]  - Mike’s feedback on Mico’s online course
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“We didn’t need the credit, we just needed the objective to be fulfilled.” – [29:09]

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