AoF 26: How Silicon Valley startup Hingeto used BI to scale its 7 figure ARR w/ Ismail Maiyegun

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In this episode of Analytics on Fire, I talk with one of my mentors and best friends Ismail Maiyegun. Ismail, the CTO and co-founder of Hingeto, a Y-combinator funded and fast-growing Silicon Valley startup, shares how they use business intelligence to scale their high seven-figure annual re-occurring revenue! He also demystifies the hype around artificial intelligence in silicon valley and shares how they focus on what’s important.

“If I know anything about life, you just gotta take that step, and just start." – 12:19



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3 Knowledge Bombs

  • Ismail on biz smarts - Key partnerships and relationships are key to successfully scaling a business.
  • Ismail on Artificial Intelligence - Don't get "caught up" in the hype of trying to keep up with what's "popular" right now, if it's not applicable to your business.
  • Ismail on Product Creation - Don't compete on features: "It's more important about how users feel."

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [04:19]  - Ismail shares about his unique experience with Y-Combinator and how Silicon Valley incubators work!
  • [08:33]  - Learn how his start in Fintech affected his startup journey
  • [18:52]  - Ismail's decision to make a major change.
  • [24:43]  - Ismail discusses his transition from "giving advice" to building app with millions of downloads.
  • [27:21]  - The moment that Ismail realized what his future would be.
  •  Key Quote: "What was extremely valuable from that, was the community that we built." - Ismail Maiyegun
  • [35:48]  - The importance of key partnerships and pooling of resources.
  • [36:38]  - Key Quote: "User acquisition is where data starts to be very important." - Ismail Maiyegun
  • [40:54]  - Find out what happens after launching an app... it's not what you expect!
  • [43:48]  - Ismail explains how marketing his app jumpstarted their million downloads
  • [53:31]  - Learn how BI plays a critical role in Hingeto's operations and success
  • [56:23]  - Key Quote: "We are constantly seeing, where our best efforts should be spent...and how do we get the behavior that we are noticing we like, to happen more." - Ismail Maiyegun
  • [1:02:01]  - What one piece of advice Ismail would give his younger self.
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"What I realized very early, was we need marketing." – 34:58

Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Ismail recommends you read:

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