AoF 51: How to Market Machine Learning to Execs w/ Kristen Kehrer

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Does data move you? Then, add AI to BI by taking a master class with three leading ladies in the industry.

Business Coach Lillian Pierson and myself, Mico Yuk, welcome Kristen Kehrer, a data scientist and founder of Data Moves Me. Today’s discussion focuses on how to communicate and market machine learning (ML) to executives and decision-makers.

“In machine learning, there is a whole lot that we can do in terms of predictions, classification, and understanding our variables that a simple analysis doesn’t provide.” Kristen Kehrer [18:04]


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3 Knowledge Bombs

  • Kristen on Ultimate Machine Learning (ML) Outline - Discover how to effectively communicate and market ML models to executives by using her free PPT template.
  • Kristen on Extra Steps - Quality assurance (QA) and substantive storytelling matters when meeting with key decision-makers and what they truly want to know.
  • Kristen on Time Allocation - Dedicate enough time to learn her repeatable and scalable process to convey the correct information depending on the decision-makers.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [02:30]  - Extra Step: Why quality assurance (QA) and substantive storytelling matters.
  • [03:16]  - Key Quote: Data scientists are brilliant, but I see a lot of struggle with how to communicate that brilliance.-Mico Yuk
  • [07:50]  - Kristen and Company: Working together to communicate and transform ML marketing and storytelling.
  • [15:40]  - Bottom Line: ML shoptalk with executives translates value of ML predictions and outputs.
  • [16:17]  - Executive Level: Big picture, size of opportunity, and what’s actionable.
  • [18:43]  - What’s the difference between talking ML to executives and data scientists?
  • [22:18]  - Communication Education: Post-analysis work and what matters to executives.
  • [23:26]  - Cross-functional Confusion: Blank stares and ineffective language to engaging and fun communication.
  • [26:54]  - Key Quote: If I’m working on something really cool, it’s really nice to have people to talk to about it. I’m so grateful that there’s such a data science community now. - Kristen Kehrer
  • [27:40]  - How to market ML? Involves analysis/work, repeatable skills, asking questions.
  • [31:14]  - Slide deck Agenda: Typical template flow includes executive summary, problem statement, ML model, and results using content and visuals.
  • [41:02]  - Avoid Information Overload: What’s next? What’s the impact?
  • [44:55]  - Computer Science vs. Corporate Analytics: Data is where it’s at.
  • [46:20]  - COVID-19 Pandemic Perspective: How do I best have an impact, utilize my skills, and create the working environment that I want for myself?
  • [48:13]  - Women in Data Science: What it looks like to be on male-dominated tech team?
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“If I could save others from giving really painful presentations...” Kristen Kehrer [25:04]

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