AoF 53: How to Set ‘Realistic’ User Expectations w/ Brent Warren

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If you learn the business intelligence data framework (BIDF) and attend BI data storytelling (BIDS) workshops, expect transformational career changes to occur. Someday, you may go from being a student to leading an entire data analytics team or company.

Today, Mico welcomes Brent Warren, who attended her BIDF/BIDS training and now leads the data analytics practice for Crowe Advisory Services. Crowe is a top 10 accounting and technology consulting firm, and its Advisory Services handles all kinds of events, including selling, buying, bankruptcy, and performance improvement.

“Anytime there’s new knowledge and there’s time to pivot, you pivot.” Brent Warren [43:29]


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3 Knowledge Bombs

  • Brent on Expectations - Make them dynamic or give up control because simply guessing what clients want may not be what you end up giving them.
  • Brent on Workers/Users - There are different types, including the ‘Swiss knife,’ who does everything, but isn’t appreciated or compensated adequately.
  • Brent on Pivoting - Anytime you can acquire new knowledge/skills, and there’s time to pivot to try something else, then do it. Don’t wait for opportunities to pass you by.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [02:30]  - Transformational Stories and Lessons Learned: Brent’s journey to BIDS success.
  • [08:07]  - User Expectations: Brent describes why it’s so important to set expectations with clients sooner than later.
  • [13:13]  - What is Crowe, in case you don’t know? Top 10 accounting and technology consulting firm, and Advisory Services responds to events (sell, buy, bankruptcy, performance improvement, etc.).
  • [16:02]  - What prompted Brent to sign up for BIDS? Necessary skill set to move forward and make progress in BI industry.
  • [18:05]  - Key Quote: For me, it (BIDS) was obviously a needed skill set to add. - Brent Warren
  • [18:13]  - Key Quote: To be successful and to push forward and to deal with needy clients and clients who can’t make up their minds that you have to be able to dial it in. - Brent Warren
  • [18:45]  - Swiss Knife: Worker who is unappreciated, underpaid, and non-existent⁠—yet does the work of many by learning to do things the right way via education and training.
  • [22:38]  - Key Quote: This is why people go to events. Knowledge is the tip of the iceberg. Networking to me, it’s invaluable. - Mico Yuk
  • [28:36]  - Press Reset Button: Don’t waste time, money, and progress—let Brent do it because he knows what and how to do it all.
  • [29:04]  - Key Quote: Don’t argue with stupid people. They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. - Mico Yuk
  • [36:10]  - Key Factors to Success: Time, effort, attaining knowledge, and continuing education eventually pays off for Swiss knife types, like Brent.
  • [38:00]  - Brent describes Mico as a drill sergeant that gets you out of your comfort zone to be able to handle tough conversations with clients.
  • [40:02]  - Main Takeaway: Do things differently immediately to identify and accomplish KPIs, goals, and objectives.
  • [41:35]  - What does the client want? Don’t forget to keep asking, ‘Why?’
  • [43:29]  - Key Quote: Anytime there’s new knowledge and there’s time to pivot, you pivot. - Brent Warren
  • [43:34]  - Brent’s Golden Rule: Be flexible and fluid to take action.
  • [45:35]  - Project Pillars: Documentation, timing, and expectations. The guessing game regarding data and approaching it is over. Doubt has no place with data projects.
  • [46:50]  - Key Quote: The guessing game is over. - Brent Warren
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“The guessing game is over.” Brent Warren [46:50]

Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Try out Brent’s Fav Resources & Tools!

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