AoF 58: Is it time to Check your Emotional Intelligence? w/ Jay Levin

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What do you know about emotional intelligence? Today’s guest is going to answer a lot of questions about emotional intelligence, EQ, when you should have your EQ assessed, and what you should do with that information.

Jay Levin has not only helped me to raise my EQ over the last decade, but he used to be a monk turned sales leader, then a COO. Today’s he’s an executive coach, and one of the things he does is assess EQ and help people understand what those assessments mean and what to do with them. Listen in to today’s dynamic interview to learn more about when you should take an EQ test, why emotional intelligence matters, and how you can improve your emotional intelligence! You can completely transform how you engage your business users once you understand your EQ.

“Continuous learners are not as concerned about what the score is in the present. They’re more focused on understanding what’s needed and using the appropriate behaviors to get it.” [26:48]


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3 Knowledge Bombs

  • Jay on the Workplace - We’re being judged on how well we perform and scale our work across others.
  • Jay on EQ in the Workplace - There is an invisible but real climate of culture that exists as unspoken assumptions and biases.
  • Jay on work/life balance - It’s not about being independent, it’s about being cross-dependent.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [01:13]  - What to expect in Season Five of AoF
  • [08:55]  - User Expectations: What emotional intelligence is and when you should take an emotional intelligence test
  • [11:32]  - It's mental health month on AoF
  • [15:00]  - Jay’s background as a monk and executive coach
  • [16:34]  - Key Quote: What I realized was, in languages that I couldn’t understand, even though I was interpreted, that there were the same emotional needs that people had regardless of culture. – Jay Levin
  • [17:06]  - What EQ (emotional quotient) stands for and what it measures
  • [18:16]  - How empathy relates to EQ (emotional quotient)
  • [18:46]  - Key Quote: A lot of times empaths have lower EQs because it’s all in their heads. – Jay Levin
  • [23:35]  - How do you know when it’s time to check your EQ?
  • [27:08]  -Understanding what EQ is assessing
  • [30:40]  - Key Quote: When you can transfer a belief of what’s possible, then you’re creating in the present the conditions to bring about an emerging future. – Jay Levin
  • [32:18]  - Why (user focused) workshops don’t work when the EQ is off
  • [37:44]   - How EQ factors in the data science world
  • [38:57]  - Key Quote: More coding courses isn’t going to help you get promoted or get to the next level of fulfillment in your career –Lillian Pearson
  • [40:20]  - Jay explains How the EQ test works
  • [47:47]  - Key Quote: Leaders who feel like they have to be in control and push control and the only way is to dominate, repel. —Jay Levin
  • [48:44]  - How you see things differently when you understand behavior
  • [55:29]  - Understanding how to work with and through other people to optimize ROI
  • [58:55]  - Giving your people purpose
  • [01:00:40]  - Steps that AoF listeners can take to get started on their EQ journey
  • [01:05:33]  - What the work in progress looks like after your assessment
  • [01:07:00  - One piece of advice that Jay would give his younger self
  • [01:12:34]  - How to find Jay online
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“Numbers can’t be managed. They can be manipulated. You manage behavior. You manage an action.” [45:52]

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