AoF 43: The Guerrilla Approach to your BI Strategy w/ Ankush D’Souza

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I still can’t believe what transpired at the recent BI Data Storytelling (BIDS) Accelerator Workshop—simply because we made an exception of letting in a VIP after enrollment had closed. Why? The VIP desperately expressed his need to learn and implement our BI methodology/framework. He was determined to get it done, and the results he shares are amazing.

Today’s guest, Ankush D’Souza, Director of BI at Estée Lauder Companies, is going to show you how to deliver your BI Strategy ‘Guerrilla’ style. Ankush describes the four pillars he uses to create a successful BI Strategy, why not having a budget can be a benefit and tactics and tools to focus on.

“I quickly realized that I had to come up with a [BI] strategy and a roadmap, and also figure out what is the most optimal way to success.” [22:15]



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3 Knowledge Bombs

  • Ankush on BI Strategy: Focus on four pillars—reporting and dashboards, data governance, advanced analytics, and user adoption.
  • Ankush on Budgets: Not having a budget can be a benefit, not an impediment.
  • Ankush on Steps to Success: Say you will do it, do it, and tell them you did it.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [08:56]  - New Decade, New Year: Time to think about fiscal end-of-year budgets and your BI Strategy.
  • [25:37]  - Clarification: Mico and Anshuk describe differences between BIDF and BIDS.
  • [28:25]  - Guerrilla-style BI Strategy: Anshuk is a big believer in sharing knowledge.
  • [28:28]  - Estée Lauder—Where we are, and where we’re headed:
  • Give BI project a name: Q360 because quality is top priority.
  • No budget today, no problem. Find a quick win to show value.
  • Focus on Four Pillars: Reporting and dashboards, data governance, advanced analytics, and user adoption.
  • [33:25]  - Key Quote: It was all about storytelling...about the art of the possible. - Ankush D’Souza
  • [42:07]  - Key Quote: I think that’s the biggest thing, is the marketing. - Ankush D’Souza
  • [42:22]  - Follow three steps for success: Say you will do it, do it, and tell them you did it.
  • [46:30]  - Data Storytelling Sections: Goals, KPIs, trends, and actions.
  • [50:00]  - Knowledge Transfer: If you have to train people, it’s not scalable.
  • [53:30]  - Top 3 Recommendations:
  • Deliver what you promised and focus on quality
  • Create customer/consumer obsession to drive actions.
  • Agility: Speed is a requirement, not an option.

“Deliver what you promised, and make sure it’s a quality product.” [53:34]

Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Connect to Ankush D'Souza via LinkedIn
  • Check out Nancy Duarte's top resources!
  • Ankush recommends reading Data Fluency by Zach and Chris Gemignani
  • REMINDER: Register today for upcoming BIDS workshop (Use code: AoF2020 for $100 off early bird price)

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