AoF 70: BIDS Accelerator Lessons Learned – What you Say

AOF070_Artwork - What you Say
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Welcome to the first part of a three-part podcast, with each episode touching on the part of our data storytelling framework. You’ll find a deep dive into each part of the framework and find out what lessons were learned and the big takeaways from our last BI Data Storytelling Accelerator virtual workshop, which was a huge success.

Even though there are other data storytelling schools of thought, one element our followers love is how we tackle the three parts of storytelling: what you say, what you write, and what you draw. As we’ve learned, this starts with your conversation.

Find out what feedback I received from the workshop post-survey, the biggest mistakes people make when trying to sell to end-users, and why most people don’t know that 99% of questions you ask your client are data-related and why they shouldn’t be.

“I was a top-tier consultant and I didn’t realize that my mouth was my worst weapon.”


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3 Knowledge Bombs

  • [03:53] - Storytelling starts with your conversation and with the content that you write. If you get that part right, the part that you have to visualize becomes very easy. We teach this process and also implement this process at big companies around the world.
  • [07:25] - Guessing off the top of your head what you think is going to happen is a waste of time. The biggest value of our framework is breaking down the storytelling process into parts for you to be able to quickly see what a story truly is, how to bring it together and and to see the gaps in your current story to remedy those holes in your story and bring your story together.
  • [13:28] - Humans make decisions with their emotions and then they use logic to justify it. So if you are one that is using ginormous words that are not visual or thinking that the more data you give to your end users is going to make them better users, you are grossly mistaken.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [04:27]  - Why we survey our students before they enter our program.
  • [05:51]  - Testimonials and outcomes of our most recent workshop.
  • [08:12]  - Real attendee feedback: “The methodology forces you to think differently, and realizing how to create a story in a more efficient way.”
  • [11:42]  - What I learned from reading books about how to control the conversation during sales.
  • [12:40]  - Key takeaways from our BI Data Storytelling Accelerator workshop.
  • [14:46]  - Biggest mistake people make when trying to work with users.
  • [15:34]  - You may not understand the vertical very well, but you know the data well and you jump into the granularity of data discussion.
  • [16:30]  - The second biggest mistake people make is that they ask ambiguous questions and get ambiguous answers.
  • [18:11]  - Why you shouldn’t explain to an end user what they don’t have or don’t offer and why you shouldn’t discuss data availability.
  • [20:38]  - Don’t discuss data availability too early as it kills momentum of your conversation.
  • [20:53]   - How role playing assists in tweaking the tone of voice in which you talk to your users.
  • [22:59]  - Ask visual questions to evoke visual answers.
  • [25:41]  - When users embark on our storytelling process.
  • [29:57]  - People don’t often ask the question “why” enough in an interview.
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“I started to realize that the common denominator was Mico Yuk and that caused me to go on a serious venture to ask myself if there was a way to get this under control.”

Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:

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